Black Chronos, Bonobos “secrets” & More – The Thurs. Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Expect these things when necessary. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


YOOX: Free Shipping + 10% off w/ YOOXLOVE10

Yoox Shoes on

Many thanks to Nicholas for sending in the style tip about how Yoox is now offering free standard shipping. You’re still on the hook to the tune of $6.95 for returns, but the free outbound shipping certainly helps. What doesn’t help is the sheer volume of what Yoox carries. It’s a designer name haystack. One thing to consider is their reasonably priced Italian made shoes, like the “Thompson” (house?) brand. While not bulletproof, the quality is pretty solid for under $200. Sometimes they dip to around $100, like those suede chelseas and chukkas, once a season comes to a close.. They’re sorta like DSW’s Mercanti Fiorentini, if not perhaps a step up.


Indochino: $50 off Essential Suits w/ ESSENTIAL

Indochino $50 off Essentials Suit /

The Picks: Essential Navy (as seen above) or Essential Grey – $399.99 ($449)

For the hard to fit guys that can’t get a good fit from Suitsupply’s $399 line (or frankly, anywhere else). Indochino is tricky though. Real tricky. The sometimes wonky out of the box fits have been well documented across the web, but a few of us around here have had decent luck. They still offer a $75 re-tailoring credit, but you’ve gotta get it done pretty quick (within 30 days of the order being shipped… and that’s a pain in the arse, if it gets held up by customs). Most of us have moved on to either Suitsupply, or scaled back to the Factory Thompson line from J. Crew. But for those who have proportions that mean they have to go custom, Indochino might be worth a shot. Remember, you’re on the hook for returns (to Canada). Last week’s quiet 20% off deal was actually quite a bit better, but fifty bucks is fifty bucks. 


J. Crew Factory: 30% off $125+ w/ SALE30

factory new sportcoat

UPDATE: Many thanks to Cy in the comments for noticing that they introduced a new Thompson sportcoat overnight. At $108 It’s under the 30% off threshold, so add something (whatever you’d like, the slim pocket tee is just one option) to get it over $130.

Well those summer suits came down in price pretty quickly. The corded cotton debuted in the $180s a few weeks back. So if you’ve got a spring or summer wedding coming up, or you just want to try out an inexpensive summer suit this year, now’s not a bad time to consider jumping on one of these. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to get it to the tailor and back. Last year’s corded cotton suit was half-lined, but this year’s is a little different. According to reader Galcobar’s chat w/ customer service: “Front Body Lining: 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton; Back Body Lining: 100% Cotton and Sleeve Lining: 100% Acetate. The body of the jacket and the sleeves are fully lined.” So at least the back is lined in all cotton. Not a bad look for a Derby Party, which if you can believe it, is only a few months away. Full review  of last year’s model over here.


form•function•form 20% off w/ dappered4lyfe

20 % off Form Function Form chrono set / The Thursday Handful on

The Picks: The Mighty Chronos Timex Set – $131.20 ($164), Architect’s Wallet – $78.40 ($98)

The FFF folks are running an escape the studio sale, and 20% off is awfully nice of them to provide. That Timex Chrono is a beast. Brass case & very substantial looking. Watch usually goes for around $70 – $80 alone. Bands that come in the set are all Horween leather, in “Timber chromexcel, Crosshatch Brown, and a flesh-grain equine black.” For the architect’s wallet, see the review over here. Sorry, the Rolex/Omega/etc. Button Stud Premiums are exempt from the 20% off.


LastCall: Extra 35% off one item

Last Call extra 35% off / The Thursday Handful on

The extra 35% off should get applied to the highest priced “regular” priced item in your cart (so it can be marked down, just not an extra 40%, 50%, etc. off already). And while JD Fisk shoes are marginal to most, those double monks have a bit of a budget Billy Reid style-thing going on for them (got these a while back, and they work surprisingly well with jeans).


BONUS  Bonobos: “Secret” Final Sale +50% off w/ EXTRA50MORE

Bonobos Secret Sale / The Thursday Handful on

The Pick: Regency Topcoat in Camel – $129 ($598)

If memory serves, this has happened before. Bonobos takes stock out of their sale section, yet the item pages are still live and purchases go through. The code “EXTRA50” “EXRA50MORE” knocks another 50% off the price, and that makes some of the goods extremely cheap, relative to the usual price point that Bonobos starts out at. Big list put together by Reddit user robomace, and many thanks to reader Jonah for the tip. Sizes are moving, and know that sizes are really scattered on many items. Again, credit to Reddit on this one. UPDATE: Looks like the “EXTRA50” code isn’t working anymore. Apologies about that. UPDATE II: Looks like the code EXTRA50MORE is now good through today for the extra 50% off. Thanks to tml in the comments.


BONUS II: Orient’s Black Monterey – $165 w/ bythebay ($305)

Orient's Monterey in Black / The Thursday Handful on

Hat tip to Frederick for sending in the style tip on this one. Usually $244 with a standard 20% off code, this new black version of their Quartz Monterey chrono falls down to $165 with the random bythebay (54% off?) code. UPDATE: Looks like this works on the other versions of the Monterey as well. Hat tip to Classifyd in the comments…

Also worth a mention