Best of Threads – Pink, Waterproofing, Skinny Lapels & More

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What’s Dappered Threads? It’s our forum. Launched in 2011, Threads has become a not too big, not too small, just-right-sized forum that doesn’t put up with snobbery. All thanks to the users and hardworking mods. Once a month, one of the mods from Threads provides us with a highlight package of the last few weeks.


Best of Friday Challenge – Think Pink

Think Pink Challenge on Threads /

In the spirit of Valentines day, our readers focused this Friday Challenge on incorporating the color pink into an outfit. Threads user LesserBlackDog locked down the win with subtle pink undertones accenting a pair of dark brown cords and grey button sweater. Shomas, phillipdavis, and zcm followed closely behind in voting with great combinations of pink oxfords, ties, and pocketsquares.


Best Help Thread – Should I or Shouldnt I Buy It?

The “Should I or shouldn’t I buy it thread” is a great place to get over the hurdle (or not) of a new purchase that has you wavering. Dappered members weigh in on the pros and cons and will help you make tough buying decisions easier.


Best Hot Topic – Are Slim Lapels Over?


Are we starting to see a trend away from slimmer lapels? And if so, is that a bad thing? And for who? A few members on Threads make the case for the slim lapel in some situations for some fellows. (Photo: Suitsupply)


Best DIY Thread – Personal Experience with Shoe Grease and Sno Seal

Ever wonder what affects various leather products, polishes, and seals have on your leather? How about stitching, waterproofing, and finishing? Dappered members share their own personal experiences and tips on how different products have affected their leather. For more information on shoe care, check out this additional thread.


Best Thrift Find – Brooks Brothers Jacket

Best Thrift Find on Threads - BB Jacket /

Threads user cotokos unearthed this Brooks Brothers Country Club casual jacket with Loro Piana Storm System Fabric.


Best Advice on matching watch straps with belts/shoes

Avoid mixing black and brown leathers, but otherwise, don’t put a great deal of thought into matching leathers and metals beyond trying to keep overall dressiness or casualness appropriate to the outfit. If you regularly wear both brown and black shoes, I think it’s probably a good style choice to have a watch with steel, rubber, or nylon, or to own a couple watches with brown or black leather straps. 



Best Off Topic Thread – Groomsmen Gifts


It is better to give then receive right? From cufflinks to leather bags, members help narrow down groomsmen gift ideas. What have you given or received as a groomsman gift that stood out? Share your stories with other Dappered members looking for advice, and help keep the tradition of fantastic groomsman gifts going.

Many thanks to moderator tdig for assembling this month’s Best of Threads. Want more? Head on over to Threads and take a spin around. Top Photo: Ethan K.