The After Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale – Further Reductions

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The Half-Yearly After Party: New items, new reductions.

A much quieter clearance compared to the big, after Christmas half-yearly sale, but very much worth a look. Some of what was on sale during the half-yearly gets extra mark-downs, and some of what wasn’t on sale is now getting a price cut. Not quite a top-5 sale like the two half-yearly’s as well as the massive Anniversary Sale in late summer. Still worth some picks. All picks below had a decent size selection at post time unless otherwise noted. Strikethrough prices show what the item was going for during the original half-yearly sale.


Wallin & Bros Wool Blend Topcoat – $197.49 $264.65 ($395)

Wallin and bros topcoats on

Now an extra $70 off. An awfully sharp looking 80% wool / 20% nylon from a newer Nordstrom exclusive brand. It’s that time of year for coats on clearance, so if you’ve been holding out, now’s the time to keep your eyes peeled. Ticket pocket, covered placket, and the black check option looks great.


Allen Edmonds Banchory Longwing – $137.49 ($275)

AE Gunboats on

Gunboats! God Love Allen Edmonds for taking some risks every once in awhile. But sometimes, they throw something out there that at first glance you know they’re gonna hit a clearance section somewhere. The Banchory (which if you squint looks like “anchovy” both in the name’s lettering as well as the shape of the shoe itself) is built on the slightly elongated 2 last. So… would you?


Calibrate Trim Fit Gingham Dress Shirt – $29.75 $38.90 ($59.50)

Calibrate Gingham on

Impressive construction, bold gingham, and a terrific price. Great collars, good fabric, and a nicely trim (but not skinny) fit. A few color combos to pick from. Sizes are starting to get a little scattered on the navy.


Jack Spade Survey Messenger – $197.49 ($395)

Jack Spade Survey Bag on

Survey? SURVEY SAYS!!!! Lean but not super-skinny. Mean but still casual enough for today’s mostly laid-back workplaces. Canvas exterior with leather details. Flap over cover of a central top zipper. 14.5″ x 11.5″ x 6.25″


John Varvatos Star USA Dearborne Longwings – $138.98 ($278)

Varvatos longwings on

Longwings are usually pretty clunky. But not these from the Varvatos Star USA line. Suede uppers with what sure appears to be stitched soles. Quality doesn’t seem to always be on par with the price tag for Varvatos stuff, but these are so highly marked down that they might be worth a shot. Imported.


John W. Nordstrom Trim Fit Cotton Dress Shirt – $49.90 ($89.50)

Nordstrom Trim Fit Cotton Dress Shirt on

Also available in white. The upgraded house line now drops below $50. Nice texture to the all cotton fabric. Is it super slim at the sides? No, but it’s decently trim and you don’t have fabric billowing out from your rib cage. Ships and returns for free.


Billy Reid Trim Fit Polo – $39.60 ($88)

Billy Reid Pensacola polo on

How much is too much for a polo? From the American Designer who made 007’s peacoat. If memory serves, these are manufactured in Peru, but Billy Reid’s construction and materials are almost always top notch.


Nordstrom Merino Blend Donegal V-Neck – $39.75 $53.27 ($79.50)

Nordstrom Donnegal Sweaters on

Now under $40. Does say regular fit though. 68% merino wool, 20% nylon, 10% Angora goat hair, 2% silk. Nice lookin’ flecks.


Grayers Donegal Sweater in Navy Flecked or Striped – $48.98 $65.66 ($98)

Grayers Donnegal Sweaters on

MORE donegal. But, more money. Crewnecks here. 80% wool / 20% Nylon. Lots of sizes. Nice lookin’ stripes. Description says these are a trim fit.


Fossil ‘Estate’ Dopp Kit in Brown or Charcoal | Fosil ‘Atlas’ in plaid – $33 – $35

Fossil Dopp kits on

Were $65 – $70. Wool blend exteriors on the Estate models, but kinda diggin’ the loud plaid with the leather handle ‘Atlas’ model.


Wallin & Bros. Trim Fit Black Watch Plaid Blazer – $98.98 ($198)

Wallin & Bros Blackwatch on

Maybe it’s just the way the model is standing, or perhaps this thing isn’t so trim-fit off the rack, but it looks like from the pics this blazer is gonna need some work. Sleeves look like they could be trimmed and waist brought in a little. BUT, who knows.  60% wool, 40% poly. Could be a nice, unexpected pattern on a super casual/beater blazer.


Ralph Lauren ‘Wilton’ Belt – $37.49 ($75)

RL Belt on

Slightly different. That said, not a lot of people like to take risks with their belt buckles.


Magnanni Carlito Cap Toe Derby – $167.49 ($335)

mag spears

The Good News: They’re from a well respected Spanish brand, with stitched soles, and a perfect warm brown color. The Bad News: Once the Zombie Apocolypse happens, you can tie these to a broom stick and use them as a spear to defend yourself against the undead. And come to think of it, in that scenario, they’d be nice and versatile.

They’re pointy. Just know that.


Wallin & Bros Extra Trim Fit Cotton Blazer – $147.49 $197.65 ($295)

Wallin & Bros Cotton Blazers on

Now 50% off. Looks like a more traditional length in the tail. Ships and returns free. The exact chest sizes are welcome, but this is an extra trim fit. So if you’re inbetween, maybe consider sizing up. (Or, order two sizes and send one back)


Cole Haan ‘Paul’ Chukka in Chocolate Leather or Tan Suede – $129.90 ($198)

Cole Hann "Paul" Chukka on

Sleeker than a pair of Clarks, but still in a familiar chukka shape. Stitched out welts on these. Great looking shape, perfect casual boots. Good size selection at post time.


Penfield Quilted Jacket – $84.98  $113.90 ($170)

penfield quilted jacket on

Down to L, XL, and XXL on these. But still. Great price from a well known brand.


TBNY Plain Toe Derby – $199.90 ($325)

TBNY Derby on

For the total and complete minimalist. More casual than a true oxford, but still suit worthy. Made in Italy. Stitched sole.


Bonobos Straight Leg Cords – $58.98 ($118)

Bonobos cords on

Description says these were made in the USA? Not a lot of sizes on these.


John W. Nordstrom Cashmere Scarf in Brown Multi or Grey Stripe – $65.98 ($98)

JWN cashmere scarf on

Nothing like an ugly start to the cold dark days of the new year to remind you that a scarf can make all the difference. Especially when it’s made from soft cashmere.


John W. Nordstrom Trim Fit Dress Shirt – $44.75 ($89.90)

Nordy Striped Shirt

Slim bengal stripes. Would look fantastic tieless. From the upgraded JWN collection. Looks like there’s some extra diagonal striping woven in to give it some more texture. Available in blue or purple.


Kane & Unke Reversible Baseball Jacket – $59.49 ($119)

reversible baseball jacket

Two, two, two jackets in one. Combines a couple trends from the fall: Baseball/varsity style jackets, and quilting. Cotton on one side, poly on the other.


Sperry Top Sider Perforated Suede Boat Shoe – $63.61 ($94.95)

sperry perfed

That’s… actually not a half bad looking yet different take on a traditional boat shoe. Perforated suede, rawhide laces, and the familiar boat shoe sole. Ah summer. Wait. The hell is a “summer” again?


John W. Nordstrom USA Cashmere/Silk Blazer – $347.49 $465.65 ($695)

JWN Cashmere Blazer on

Now half off. Still a load financially. And remember… those credit card bills from the holidays are on the way (yes, some of you pay cash, good on ya). Description claims it’s a “classic” fit, but one of the reviews says it’s trim through the sides. Looks like there’s a bit of a herringbone pattern to it. Side vents.