Suitsupply’s New $399 Line – What’s the difference?

They've got a half canvas. So why $100 less?

Suitsupply Blue Line – $399 for Half-Canvassed Suits

Hang on a second. Under four hundred, plenty of basic grey & blue styles, made in their hard not to like Napoli Cut, and they’re Half-Canvassed? Usually that combo is going to run you $469 – $499. Like the charcoal option on the right (below). That one is $499. Yet the charcoal on the left is a hundred bucks less. So what’s the difference? According to Suitsupply VP & Creative Man Nish de Gruiter, it’s just the fabric…

SS Blue & Purple Line Comparison on

“The blue line suits are all half canvas, the fabric we offer in this line are Barberis 110’s that we buy large quantity in these basics, so that gives us room to offer these at $399.

Suits in our purple line are 110’s and 120’s. These fabrics are seasonal or come from different mills like Ethomas, Barbera, Larusmiani etc. Meter price at these mills for less quantity is fairly higher than the basics.”

– Nish de Gruiter
Suitsupply VP

So in essence, Suitsupply has launched a basics/essential suiting line that they can make possible due to buying large quantities of dependable shades & patterns. For $100 less, you’re sacrificing some selection in terms of the wilder patterns & higher end fabrics, but you still get the Napoli Cut, half canvass, and plenty to pick from in Super 110s blue & grey shades:

A look at Suitsupply's Blue Line on

Currently they’ve got those nine up and available for $399. Bird’s eye, a couple herringbone options, some stripes, and a few solids. If you want a smooth-as-glass navy, you’ll still have to shell out the $499, but that’s getting pretty picky. Especially if you’re making your first leap from fused to a canvassed option.

Sizes don’t appear to be quite as wide in range when compared to the purple line (at post time, there’s not as many options for Short & Long for the $399 offerings), but maybe that contributes to the more affordable price too. Whatever the case, most are going to see this as a big move by Suitsupply. And it’s a welcome one… unless you’re a competitor in the suit making business.

Thoughts from you guys? Is this genius by Suitsupply? Will it really put the screws to fused suit makers that offer their stuff in the $250 – $350 range? Or do the Suitsupply functioning sleeve buttons, and lack of suit separate options, still make Suitsupply a no-go for you? Leave it all in the comments below…