Style Poll: Women’s Winter Style Mt. Rushmore

An open thank-you for their style during these doldrums.

An Open Thank You to Women for their Winter Style

It’s right around this time that we start hearing about the most depressing day of the year. The holidays are done, the weather is crap (Polar Vortex II!), and the credit card bills are starting to roll in. Yes, it’s pseudo-science, but late January sure isn’t the happiest time on the calendar.

Yet many women still keep the stylistic effort up during these doldrums.

On a recent dinner out with a bunch of friends, every single woman in attendance seemed to be wearing one of the hot trends this year: Knee high riding boots. Those work. And that’s just one bit of women’s winter style. Maybe it’s time we let them know that their efforts to stay stylish this time of year are appreciated.

Cast your votes below. You can vote for up to four (the Mt. Rushmore rule) of the women’s winter style pieces you like to observe the most. Write-ins are welcome in the comments too. Also, the reverse is up for debate in the comments. Say… leggings as pants. Are those an eye-roller for you? Leave it all in the comments. Pretty sure no matter your personal preferences or orientation, you can tell when a woman lights up a room.

And thanks ladies. Know that we notice. And we appreciate. Especially this time of year.

Women's Winter Style Wins. Which are the best?

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