Style Battle: Sharpe vs. Rivers

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Gridiron Style: Shannon Sharpe vs. Philip Rivers 1/5/13

SHA-NON! The Shannon Sharpe-ometer, a weekly feature last year, spent an entire football season tracking the duds of one of the fittest and sharpest dressed men in sports broadcasting. It’s on hiatus this season, but a few of us got nostalgic earlier this season… and then Shannon went full nuclear on Wild Card Weekend.

That thing is RADIATING. But in a good way?

UPDATE: Many thanks to jdw for pointing out in the comments that Shannon has waited two years to wear that Brioni jacket on the air. And points to Mr. Sharpe for sending out a quick warning via Twitter. Didn’t catch the two years part. Did hear Boomer say Shannon looked like he was “wearing a blanket”… and we now know Boomer Esiason sleeps on velvet.

Meanwhile, a week after the Chargers barely squeaked out a win against Kansas City’s 2nd stringers, the Chiefs are done (great googly) and Chargers QB Philip Rivers is conducting victorious post-game business in a bolo tie. Again. Like, it’s a different one. He’s 32 years old and owns more than one bolo tie.

UPDATE II: And thanks to Justin R.T. for pointing out that the Chargers instituted a coat & tie dress code this season. That is a coat, and that is a tie. Well played Rivers.

Two questions:

  1. Who’s got the better overall look? Shannon’s can’t-ignore velvet jacket, paired with a comparatively muted shirt and tonal bow tie? Or Philip Rivers’ enormous bolo tie, plaid shirt, and western-cut blazer (which was either also velvet, or perhaps corduroy.)
  2. If you had to, which outfit would you rather wear?


Shannons Velvet Blazer“It’s crushed velvet. Crushed it myself. As a warm up.
Before I started crushing cinder blocks” 


Phils Bolo TieGQ has my back. No, really.


Who looks better?

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But which outfit would YOU rather wear?

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Has Shannon sort of “earned” flash like this? Or is too much just too much? Do you think Rivers is going for a sorta ironic thing here, or is this genuine? And GQ honestly thinks Bolo Ties are going to make a come backNeed some analysis from you guys in the comments. Go.