Spring Temptation: New Arrivals in Men’s Style

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Spring? Some are still trying to shake the bone-snapping rigidness of the polar vortex from their bodies. But as winter clearance season has started to wind down, the first crop of new Spring 2014 arrivals have started to show up in stores and online.

Lighter in weight & color, but with more color, Spring 2014 doesn’t yet look to be wildly different in terms of trends compared to last year. A few favorites are back, in both design and designers. Know that prices are sure to come down with sales & promos once the snow starts to melt. Feel free to add anything that’s caught your eye for the warmer weather to come in the comments.


J. Crew Ludlow Unconstructed Blazer in Mini-Houndstooth Cotton – $218

New Ludlow Blazer on Dappered.com

Has the potential to be the go-to spring/summer blazer for many. Unconstructed is a major plus. Might not be available in exact chest sizes though, but instead S, M, L, etc. So that means some tailoring will be a must for most. Has showed up in the latest paper copy of the J. Crew Style Guide, but this doesn’t appear to be available online quite yet. UPDATE: It showed up on Wednesday. Hat tip to Cy in the comments for pointing that out.


The Next Run of UNIQLO×Michael Bastian Polos

Michael Bastien for Uniqlo / Dappered.com

Not available yet, but Mr. Bastian has teamed back up with UNIQLO for another run of his massively successful (and affordable) polos. Expect these things to move like jet-pack equipped hotcakes. All credit to GQ’s tumblr for the above preview shot.


Suitsupply: Light Grey Herringbone Napoli -$399 | Cream Plaid Jacket – $???

Suitsupply Spring Offerings / Dappered.com

More of those $399 in spring/summer ready colors and fabrics please. Plus, that jacket. No word on fabric or price quite yet. From the Spring 14 Lookbook Preview.


Allen Edmonds Carlyle Plain Toe Oxfords – $365

AE Carlyle Oxford / Dappered.com

Whoa. Those might be the most beautifully simple, business casual shoe to come out in a while. Thanks to the true oxford style, you get lots of leather up front. Would look fantastic with a casual all-blue setup. $365 is steep though. Wondering if these are going to be seen as too basic for most, and the prices might come down in the seasons ahead?


The triumphant return of the Merona Kensington Blazer – $47.99 ($59.99)

Merona Blazers are back / Dappered.com

WHAT. Really? No navy yet, and they aren’t called the Kensington (just “tailored-fit cotton blazer”), but they sure look like many a man’s favorite unlined, cotton, beater blazer. A new arrival. 20% off at checkout thanks to a men’s clothing promotion. Description says it’s not sold in stores, but might be worth a check regardless.


B.R. Cotton Trench – $135 w/ BRMAJOR | Tailored “Sateen” Navy Blazer – $198

BR New Arrivals / Dappered.com

Codes and promos usually apply to outerwear, so this Spring’s version of BR’s dependable trench should go for somewhere between $135 and $157.50 with codes. All cotton this season, but the fabric feels dense enough that it should be water resistant (if not fully water repellent). No goofy spider man pose necessary (nice call LosRockets). Meanwhile, gonna have to have some patience on the blazer, since suit jackets and blazers are almost always excluded from B.R. promotions. But if you can get this thing down to $140 or under (that’s about 30% off or more), it’s well worth it. Sharp, smooth cotton, that doesn’t have any sheen to the navy fabric. Perfect with jeans or trousers at the office. Sleeve buttons ARE functional though, so know that could make tailoring expensive if you’ve got shorter arms. Code BRMAJOR is good for 40% off (with exclusions) and expires today, 1/28.


Express Suede Wingtips in Chalk – $118

express wingers / Dappered.com

Express shoes? That’s a big ol’ “?”. Standby for an in person review on these things. They could either be total duds, or fantastic to wear with your summer duds. Hardy har har har HAR. Was just down to the $60s during their 40% off everything sale. So, they’ll get there once again.


The Return of Cotton/Linen Blends: L.L. Bean Sig. Crew in red or cream – $89.00

LLBean Signature Crew / Dappered.com

Holy crap, remember L.L. Bean Signature? They’re still around. And they’re still expensive. But L.L. Bean runs 20% off codes every now and again, so worth standing by for one of those. The bigger point is about the blend. Cotton and Linen is the warm weather season’s version of winter’s wool/nylon. The garment gets a little less smooshy and bulky, all while adding a slightly different texture. J. Crew Factory makes a few versions of these every year for around $30 – $40 with sales.


Saddleback’s New Front Pocket Thin Brief – $478.00

New Saddleback / Dappered.com

Not a huge difference from their excellent, standard thin brief, but with all the gadgets we carry around these days, a few extra pockets can come in handy. Fits up to a 15″ laptop. Not cheap, but, it’s a Saddleback. 100 year warranty.


Massimo Dutti Drivers in Tan or Blue – $155.00

Massimo Dutti Drivers / Dappered.com

Spring + summer = drivers for many of us, and these have a bit of a faster, sportier feel than most. Nice and lean looking. A longer looking vamp. Boat-shoe inspired eyelets on the sides. Sorta makes you think of one of these.


Shots of Bright Color: B.R. Striped Cotton Sweater – $41.70 w/ BRMAJOR

BR Color stripe sweater / Dappered.com

Totally wearable now, but pieces like this all cotton sweater from Banana Republic seem to work best when it looks like spring through the window glass, but still feels quite a bit like winter when you step outside. It’s still too darn early for bright green pants, but a couple punches of orange around your elbows should do just fine.


form•function•form’s new Button Stud Chrono sets – ???

New Form Function Form / Dappered.com

That might be the best Timex match for FFF’s button stud watchbands . Seen the watch (not w/ the strap trio) in person, and it’s very substantial. Thick brass case, crisp chrono pushers, and a good sized, 43mm case. 100m water resistance. These’ll apparently be sold as sets, with bands in ‘timber’ chromexcel (on the watch) crosshatch brown, and black horsefront leather in natural grain finish coming in the package (plus the original band that comes on the Timex). Not available quite yet.


H&M Suede Chelsea or Leather Boots – $99.00

H & M Boots / Dappered.com

To quote the descriptions: “PREMIUM QUALITY.” Well if it’s in all caps, it must be true. Look, H&M isn’t exactly known for making bulletproof stuff, so factor that into any quality expectations. But the price is right, and if they look close to as-good in person as they do online, both would make a fantastic pair of transitional (to Spring) boots. Know that you’re on the hook for $5.95 for returns.


H&M Waxed Cotton Jacket – $99.00

H&M Waxed Cotton Jacket / Dappered.com

A budget roadmaster minus the belt. Corduroy collar and cuffs. There will come a day when we stash the wool coats in favor of something lighter.


Express Signature Chambray Placket Polos – $39.90

Express Signature Polos / Dappered.com

These are one of the few items Express doesn’t plaster their lion-logo all over. Fantastic fit, a bit of stretch, and sleeves that hit mid-bicep. The chambray placket is a nice detail, but not neccessary. Wish they’d bring back the plain signature polos. Was just at $25ish during the 40% off everything sale. You’d think they’d get back to the mid $20s once again in the not too distant future.


B.R. Vintage Straight 5-Pocket Pant – $53.70 w/ BRMAJOR ($89.50)

BR Vintage Straight Fit / Dappered.com

They’re back! Terrific pants for those who are hooked on denim, yet try to break away from their favorite pair of blue jeans every once in awhile. 99% cotton, 1% spandex, five-pocket styling and a slimmer yet not skinny cut. Sort of like a more affordable version of Bonobos Travel Jeans. Kinda. Not made in the USA though.


Fossil Townsman Chronograph – $125.00

Fossil Chronos / Dappered.com

Like an incredibly affordable Hamilton Maestro Chrono, which is sorta like a not as outrageously expensive IWC Portuguese. Arabic numerals, simple hands, and a  44mm case. Mineral crystal. Quartz of course. Less on Amazon, but you get standard, minimalist indices with that model (which plenty seem to prefer).


J. Crew Vintage Oxford or Brushed Twill Popover – $69.50 – $75

JCrew Popovers / Dappered.com

Think of these as less of a button up that doesn’t go all the way down, and more of an ultra-breezy rugby shirt. Pretty expensive out of the gate for a button up that doesn’t go all the way down (wait, less thinking about that, right?) so hang out for sales. Offered in a few different early spring ready shades & fabrics.


Broken Bells: After the Disco – $11.88 (2/4/14)

The duo of James Mercer (The Shins) and Danger Mouse (everything) somehow manage to please both sides of the main-stream & indie fence. Their debut album is pretty-close-to-perfect party music, driving music, quiet night at home music, and everything in between. Their second album “After the Disco” seems to continue rolling down the same panacea highway. Preview the entire album via an iTunes stream over here.


ALDO Monk Strap in Cognac – $110 | Mr. B’s Tassel in Bordeaux – $150

Aldo and Mr B Loafers / Dappered.com

Laces will always work, but buckles or a tassel once it warms back up will look plenty right with lighter weight suiting. You’ll pay a bit more for the Mr. B’s line from Aldo, but you get that investment back in terms of quality and craftsmanship.


GAP “Indigo” or “Brunson” Blazer$62.33 w/ MORE ($98)

GAP Navy Blazers 2014

Going to have to wait for a sale for these. Until Target’s Merona pumps out a navy option, this pair might be the current cheap-o option for many. 100% cotton on the “Indigo” blazer, yet a mix of 65% cotton and 35% poly on the Brunson. Both look super casual with a short if not chopped tail. Haven’t seen em’ in person yet. Code MORE is good for 40% off full price styles, as well as 50% off sale items through tomorrow, 1/29/13.


Zara Oiled Duffel – $89.90

Zara Barrel Duffel / Dappered.com

A barrel-style weekend bag, with a decent amount of space, for under a hundred bucks. Mostly cotton with faux-leather accents. 11″ x 20″ x 11″ = 2420 cubic inches of space. Free shipping & returns since it’s Zara.

Your turn guys. Has anything yet to catch your eye for the upcoming season? Or are you still enjoying the layers+fabrics of the colder temps? Leave it in the comments. Top Photo: Cory Doctorow