Most Wanted Affordable Style – January 2014

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Consider these to be power rankings.  Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month.  The potential best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below.  Top Photo Credit: andrew_j_w .


5. Allen Edmonds 5th Street Boots – $275 ($375)

AE 5th Street on

A hundred bucks off and still a load to the check book (especially with holiday credit card bills starting to roll in). But boy… if you’re the type that likes a little extra ankle protection during the colder parts of the year, it doesn’t get sleeker than these. They do have a leather sole, so they’re not ideal for snow/water soaked conditions, but still. Available in brown or black. (Brown boots shown behind the black 5th above ^ is actually the pebble grain & casual Promontory Point. Down to $199 now during the sale). Part of the Allen Edmonds After Holiday Sale. And these are listed as closeouts? That mean they’re discontinuing these things?


4. Sherlock Season 3 (US Premier 1/19/14) & Mini Prequal

An extended period of dead, and now… no longer dead. Feels familiar, and all kinds of right. Between the outerwear, decently executed tielessness, and an appearance of morning dress in episode 2, Sherlock is a pretty stylish show. But it’s not about the clothes. The story telling & chemistry are outstanding. Word is there’s more humor this season, but here’s to hoping they don’t get too goofy. This short prequal launched ahead of the U.K. premier (New Year’s Day) and has racked up 5 million views. Looking forward to it and then some.


3. TheTieBar Chambray ‘Compass’ Woven Pocket Square – $8.00

Chambray Pocket Square from TheTieBar on

Muted blue chambray with a tonal micro pattern. Perfect for that navy blazer, black sportcoat, or for gently breaking up a charcoal suit + white shirt. Eight bucks via TheTieBar.


2. A different F&O return policy. Canvas + Suede Weekender – $135.00

frank & oak bag on

Here’s the thing with Frank & Oak. Their their return policy stinks. Store credit only and returns have to be back within 15 days of delivery. Pretty sure many of us would be more willing to take a leap on this brand (especially this canvas and suede weekender) if you didn’t have to A. Hand over an email address to see their goods, and B. deal with a store credit only returns policy. Bag shown above is almost 3000 cubic inches (24″x12″x10″) with decent enough looking leather accents for the price, plus that contrast suede bottom. There’s always Everlane in the mean time, and for something simple (and cheap) it looks like Bespoke Post brought back their Blue Claw Co. made Duffel as well.


1. New B.R. Tailored Fit Blazers in Charcoal or Navy Sateen – $198

New BR Blazers 2014 on

Sit tight on these. If you can hold out for a code that doesn’t exclude blazers, these drop to $138.60 at  30% off. And don’t be too afraid of that “sateen” option. Banana Republic Sateen blazers of the past have mostly been matte. So they’ll be super smooth, but hopefully not high-shine (like much of Express’s sateen stuff). Could make for a fantastic smart-casual blazer that can be dressed up when necessary. Both are cut in the trim but not skinny tailored-fit. Fabric on the charcoal looks like it’s got a bit of marling to it. Almost chambray like. Could be perfect. Available in sizes 36S all the way up to 48L.


BONUS 1910 for Nordstrom Suede Double Monks – $99.95

1901 Monks

If things have been a little too dark and dreary in your neck of the woods, might be time to break out the spring/summer footwear a little early. Made by Nordstrom, these appear to be built on top of the same sturdy yet well cushioned platform that the 1901 Carson is built on. Expect these to not be all that sleek. More casual than dressed up. Got a pair on the way for an in person.

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