J. Crew Private Sale – 20% off Full Priced Items

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2DAYSONLY = 20% off Full Priced Styles / 40% off Sale

Been a little while since J. Crew ran a quiet code. 2DAYSONLY gets you 20% off full priced styles and still nets you 40% off sale items, but the list of exclusions is sorta long. The usual Ludlow Suiting exclusion is in effect, as is the exclusion on most of their 3rd party goods (Alden, Barbour, etc…). But with the new spring arrivals slowly starting to come in, and blazers getting the 20% off, now’s not a bad time to jump on something you’ve had your eye on. As always, picks below have a decent size selection at post time unless otherwise noted. Watch out for final sale items, which you can’t return…


Original Chippewa for J. Crew Plain-Toe 6″ Boot in Brown or Black – $214.40 ($268)

Chips Apache

Many have pointed out that these look an awful lot like the 6″ “Apache GQ” boot seen here and over here. What’s the difference? Doesn’t seem to be much. The one thing that stands out is on the non-J.Crew Version, the eyelets look like nuts… OF THE NUTS AND BOLTS VARIETY. C’mon now. Anyway, plain ol’ round eyelets on the J. Crew option. Also, the J. Crew version looks a little sleeker, but that could just be unfortunate photography on Amazon’s end. The pair sold through Amazon is much more affordable though, clocking in at just $115.47 if you use the $15 off code WRKBOOTS. Bit of a mystery with these, since Zappos seems to sell the exact same “J. Crew” version for $259. They’re all made in the USA.


Single Button Ticket Pocket Pima Cotton Ludlow Blazer – $196.80 ($398)

single button pima

BRING BACK THE WOOL LUDLOW. Now, that said, at under $200, this is actually pretty nice. Saw one of these in store, and the fabric is quite soft. Enough so that it feels more like a smooth wool than a standard cotton. Still not thrilled that they seem to have replaced their standard Ludlow navy blazer with this and their brass buttoned “club” sportcoat, but at under $200, you get the ticket pocket, and the subtle herringbone pattern should go great with jeans. Dual vent. Ships free, and doesn’t appear to be final sale at post time.


Macalister Brickman in Grey Suede – $126.40 ($158)

brickman grey suede

No crepe sole here, so while still casual, they can be dressed up a touch. Stitched welt, made in Italy, and would look awfully smart when paired with that pima cotton blazer. Pretty close to the top image over here.


Bowery Slim in Cotton-Linen – $78.40 | Brushed Herringbone Cotton – $70.40

Bowery Pants

Pants for the office that you’ll actually want to wear outside of the office. And you better, since they’re seventy to eighty bucks a pop when on sale.


Broadmore Quilted Jacket – $158.50 ($198)

broadmoor jackets

These seemed to have been out of stock for awhile, and while there’s only XS left in the grey, there’s some other sizes available in the caramel. Like a puffer that’s gone on a diet, and switched from hair gel to matte paste. Or something. A note: These have been more affordable during other sales (25% off $150+, etc…) in previous months. Meanwhile, the vest is down to sixty bucks and on final sale.


Cotton Crew Cable Knit – $94.40 ($118)

JCrew Cable

Oof. Pricey. But it’s a chunky cable knit with some personality. Still hoping this thing comes down a bit more as we drift closer to spring.


Crossknit long-sleeve colorblock Tee – $43.60 ($54.50)

texture tee

Hey look. It’s the less fortunate man’s version of the cable sweater. Only… not a sweater. Yet more than a plain ol’ tee. Crossknit = a double ribbed texture. Nifty.


Slim Broken In Pocket Polo – $17.99 ($39.50)

slim pocket polo

Just in case you need to grease your cart to get over the $150 free shipping threshold. Nice color, x-small through large available at post time.


Unstructured Japanese Cotton Twill Sportcoat –$150.40 ($188)

Unstructured Japanese Sportcoat

One of those cleaned up casual staples that many of us hope J. Crew never stops producing. These don’t come in exact chest sizes, so you’re probably going to need some tailoring. But when you get it dialed in, you’ll reach for it plenty when you’re heading out on the town.


Goodyear Welted Kenton Suede Bucks – $158.40 ($198)

Handful Kenton

Signs of spring. Of course, the “natural” shade shown above probably isn’t gonna look quite right for a few months, but they’ve got three other shades available. Full review over here. Also available in wingtip form for $174.40.


Montague Leather or Abingdon Canvas Travel Kit$88 – $46.40

dopp kits

For the significant others cruising this site looking for Valentine’s Day ideas for their fella. Saw the Abingdon in person and was surprised how substantial it felt. Fingers should be crossed for that pebbled leather (and splurge) Montague option, since sometimes J. Crew leather goods can disappoint.


Long Sleeve Pop-Over Shirts – $55.60 – $70.50 

Popover Quad

Hm. Seems like a lot of money for a polo/OCBD (or poplin button up) hybrid. These could serve the same purpose as a long sleeved polo or a rugby shirt (untucked, casual) only in an ultralight form. Thoughts from you guys?


Original Chippewa for J. Crew Plain-Toe 6″ Boot in Suede – $214.40 ($268)

Suede Chips

Finishing off  how we started, only in suede. Can’t seem to find a less expensive version of these online (unlike the leather options at the top of the post).

The 20% off full priced items / 40% off sale items code 2DAYSONLY expires on 1/21/14.