J. Crew Factory extra 30% off | J. Crew Extra 40% Off Sale

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Factory: FORYOU = 30% off Sitewide | J. Crew: FUNSALE = Extra 40% off Sale

The Factory code, which also includes free shipping no min, ends today, 1/13. The J. Crew extra 40% off sale items code doesn’t expire until 1/21.

There’s probably some J. Crew Sale fatigue going on out there. Totally understand. But this one seems a bit different thanks to the selection each sale offers, and the fact that Factory is also offering free shipping no minimum on top of the 30% off. That makes for some as low-as-you’ll-probably-find prices on a few of these things. As always, only items with a decent size selection at post time have been picked unless otherwise noted. Going to start with the Factory picks since that code expires today. But be careful once we get to the J. Crew picks. Lots of final sale items there. Lots.


FACTORY Thompson Chino Jacket – $61.60 w/ FORYOU ($148)

Factory Navy Blazer on Dappered.com

Starting off with a Factory pick because this might be the best deal of both sales. Labeled as a suit jacket but perhaps one of the best polished-cotton blazers on the market. Outstanding with jeans. Center vent, non functioning buttons, and an off the rack fit that many can get away with sans extra tailoring. Lots of sizes. Can’t recall this particular jacket getting this affordable in a while (usually hovers around $80 – $110). And with the code delivering free shipping no minimum, you’re looking at around $60 out the door.


FACTORY Thompson all wool suit separates – $186.20 w/ FORYOU ($266)

thompson all wool suit on Dappered.com

Low $200s is fair. Under $200 is a steal. Not super-dark navy in person, yet not as light as they appear on the Factory website. Also available in a medium grey. Full review over here. And wait, you can make these a 3-piece now? Also, the wool/poly blend dark charcoal option is now going for $158.20.


FACTORY lightweight chambray shirt – $20.65 w/ FORYOU ($59.50)

lightweight chambray on Dappered.com

A chambray shirt that doesn’t have the weight of a pair of jeans. One-off purchases like these is where the free-shipping no min. feature of the code really helps out.


FACTORY Slim Washed Button Ups – $24.15 w/ FORYOU ($59.50)

slim washed shirts on Dappered.com

Sometimes, all you want and/or need is a well-fitting button up you can use to layer. Twenty five bucks isn’t a bad price, especially if you’re looking for something cut slimmer than most casual shirts. Plenty of colors + patterns. Lots of sizes.


FACTORY Slim Sunwashed OCBD – $27.65 w/ FORYOU ($56.50)

OCBD on Dappered.com

And in other basics news…


FACTORY Slim-Straight Garment Dye 5-Pockets – $27.65 w/ FORYOU ($69.50)

Factory 5 pockets on Dappered.com

Jeans that aren’t blue. Five different shades in Factory’s slim-straight fit. Something to add to the rotation and should look pretty good with that navy Thompson chino jacket.


J. Crew Ludlow in Windowpane English Wool – $179.99 w/ FUNSALE ($348)

J. Crew Windowpane Blazer on Dappered.com

Meanwhile, up in first class… From big brother J. Crew’s fall/winter line. Available in the lighter grey shown here, or a dark charcoal that appears to be final sale (so no returns). Double vent, and a pretty-darn-awesome windowpane pattern. Might make a great late winter / brisk early Spring blazer. Ships free since it’s over $150.


J. Crew SLIM Merino V-Neck – $35.99 w/ FUNSALE ($78)

J. Crew Slim Merino V-Neck on Dappered.com

As good as it’s probably going to get for a slim merino v-neck. Not many colors available, but the two shown here should work into anyone’s wardrobe. Final sale.


Wallace & Barnes Shetland Wool Crewneck – $59.99 w/ FUNSALE ($128)

WandB Shetland on Dappered.com

Finally. A Wallace & Barnes item that drops to a reasonable price. This is J. Crew’s in-house upgraded line. Meaning=more expensive (and they’d argue higher quality). Beefy Shetland wool + elbow patches. Final sale though.


Walk-Over Short-wing or plain toe bluchers$179.99 – $173.99 w/ FUNSALE

Walk overs in burgundy on Dappered.com

Yes, final sale as well. Final sale is tough for shoe purchases. But say it with me, “Horween Burgundy Chromexcel”. Goodyear welt too. Made in the USA. Both retail for around $300. Already on sale. Extra 40% off w/ FUNSALE drops them into the luxury casual footwear (but still suit worthy) category.


J. Crew Galloway Norwegian Sweater – $53.99 w/ FUNSALE ($98)

J. Crew Norwegian Sweater on Dappered.com

Raglan sleeves, nordic pattern, and Final Sale so no returns. Similar cardigan version can be had over here for $71.99. Pass the lingonberries for the lefse, won’t you?


Ludlow Harvest Herringbone Sportcoat – $167.99 w/ FUNSALE ($328)

Ludlow Harvest on Dappered.com

Gotta be getting close to the bottoming out on these. Final sale. Under $170. English wool.


J. Crew Alpaca Turtleneck – $83.99 w/ FUNSALE ($158)

alpaca turtleneck on Dappered.com

Not a tactleneck. But maybe something you could see one S. McQueen wearing back in the day. If you’ve still got plans to head somewhere cold… really cold (or already live there), might be a good investment. Final sale though.


J. Crew Spread Collar Shirt in Red Check – $41.99 w/ FUNSALE ($88)

red check shirt on Dappered.com

Blue, white, repeat. That’s the rut plenty of us are in (and some of us are happily wallowing in said rut). But don’t underestimate the power of a small red-check. Not a bold gingham, but something that looks almost pink from a distance. Another final sale item.


J. Crew Lambswool Cardigan – $71.99 w/ FUNSALE ($148)

J. Crew lambswool cardigan on Dappered.com

All you need is a pipe, some trousers, & slippers, and you’ve gone full Gramps. Fat shawl collar. Final sale.


J. Crew English Silk Dot Bowtie – $29.99 w/ FUNSALE ($55)

J. Crew silk bowtie on Dappered.com

For all the bartenders, doctors, and other professions out there who don’t need a necktie dipping into things that it shouldn’t, a bow tie can be an answer. Especially one like this in a subdued pin-dot made from English silk.


J. Crew Cashmere V-Neck Sweater – $101.99 w/ FUNSALE ($225)

jcrew cashmere on Dappered.com

Merino is plenty fine for most of us (and a hell of  a lot cheaper), but if you’re partial to cashmere, now’s the time when it all starts going on sale. Limited sizes/colors in slim over here.


Ludlow Oxford Cloth Suit Jacket + Slim Pant – $189.98 w/ FUNSALE ($506)

Oxford Cloth 50

Size selection is actually decent on these. At post time there’s 36R, 40R, 42R, and more in the jacket. Pants are slim, but there are a decent selection of sizes (as long as you don’t need more than a 32 inseam). Italian cotton oxford cloth. Hat tip to SD in the comments for noticing these were marked way down. Final sale on both the pants and jacket.

 The J. Crew Factory Extra 30% off everything + Free Shipping No Min. code FORYOU expires today, 1/13/14. The J. Crew extra 40% off sale items code FUNSALE doesn’t expire until 1/21/14.