In Review: UNIQLO’s Wool Blend Suit Separates

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UNIQLO 70% Wool Jacket & Matching Pant – $159.80

NOTE: If you do choose to purchase, be careful when it comes to matching the jacket & pant. UNIQLO recently released a couple wool blend blazer/pant options, and the fabric on the jackets + pants will only match if they’ve got the same fabric blend. So for example, this, and this, won’t match.

The tail is too short. Everything else is either fixable through alterations, or plenty acceptable for a $160 suit. But that damn tail. It’s on the border of short & chopped, and that’s going to look too trendy as soon as you pull it out of the box, or, within a year or so. This thing might work if you’re shorter, very slim, or both, but for those who are 5’9″ and up or carry some bulk to em’, that extra-short jacket will make your proportions look a bit wonky. It’s a budget Thom Browne look, and if you’re more horse than jockey, it’s a tough style to pull off.

UNIQLO Suit Separates Reviewed on Dappered.comJacket Shown Here: Medium. Pant: 32 Waist.
Consider sizing up, but the sleeves are going to be really long.

Shame too, because the fabric, construction, armholes, shoulders, and pants all seem to be much better than the price tag. The 70% wool, 28% polyester, and 2% lastol is lightweight but not flimsy, and the whole thing moves extremely well. It’s comfortable as soon as you put it on, and the half lined back is a major plus. The lining is all polyester, but at least the lack of a full lining will allow for some breathability. Shoulders have very little padding and the armholes are nice and high. Jacket is trim in width, but a little boxy in its lines through the sides.

Sleeves are trim and as expected from UNIQLO, long. Oddly short jackets and strangely long sleeves. Seems to be the UNIQLO calling card. Sleeve buttons are non functioning, but they do have accent stitching. Meaning, you might be able to try sizing up for more tail/shoulder room, but the sleeves would be way too long at that point, and that stitching would be a pain to deal with.

Unqilo Jacket Fabric: Review on Dappered.comFabric is reminiscent of the wool/poly J. Crew Factory Thompson
Probably best to spend the extra $30 – $50 and get one of those.

The button stance is a little high for most tastes, but that wouldn’t be that big of a deal if the jacket was a bit longer. From the base of the collar to the end of the tail, a size medium measures in at about 27″. Maybe 27.25″. And for the curled hands test, this thing doesn’t even come close on a 5’10” frame.

Pants are a nice slim-straight (read, not skinny but not billowing) cut. Flat front of course, and the legs all come in a 34″ length so you’ll need to get those hemmed up.

uniqlo tail arseLeaning and relaxed? Doesn’t look half bad. But the jacket is awfully short straight on.

For all the good (half-lined, fabric, price, and pant fit) that comes with these suit separates, there’s still just not enough tail and too much sleeves. While not unexpected, because that seems common for UNIQLO, it’s enough of a turnoff that most will hesitate before clicking “buy”. Especially when the ol’ reliable Factory option isn’t that much more, as long as you can hang out for a decent sale.

Thoughts from you guys? Do you agree that UNIQLO’s jacket template/silhouette seems to be too long in the arms and too short in the tail? And do you think they’ll change that anytime soon?

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