In Review: The surprisingly nice, $95 leather briefcase

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In Person: DOPP by Buxton Leather Briefcase – $95.00$129.00 ($270)

Available through the flash-sale site Jackthreads. Returns are for store credit only, and you’re on the hook for a $5.95 return shipping label. Can’t seem to find these anywhere else. The $270 “retail” price seems inflated. Bag first appeared in yesterday’s UNIQLO suit review.

All leather is not created (well, processed) equally, and the latest promo video from Saddleback Leather covers that and then some. That said, not everyone wants to commit to a 100 year relationship with their briefcase, or, pay for that privilege. So “dating” a cheaper case might work for some. Problem is, if you want leather, it can get sketchy around a hundred bucks or less. Yet this option from DOPP by Buxton feels, flexes, and moves much better than other cases in that price range.

Dopp Leather Briefcase on Dappered.comSome shine? Yes. Plastic looking/feeling? Nope.

There’s a little bit of that too-perfect shine, but it’s not blinding like plenty of cheap leather/pleather briefcases. And when you get it in your hands, it feels like the real thing. A lighter-weight, smooth real thing, but still the real thing.  The stamp of “Genuine Leather” means it’s not the best stuff, but it doesn’t feel stiff or overly uniform. The case shown here has picked up a few dings in the first week of use, and they’re not making the case look cheap. They’re probably, if anything, helping out the look.

DOPP Double Zip / Dappered.comHardware is a darker grey chrome. 

Hardware is a darker, gunmetal grey chrome, but it’s still pretty shiny. Thankfully, there’s not a ton of it on the case. The zipper pulls do have uneccessary “DOPP” branding on them, but they’re easy to ignore, as is the stamped logo plate on the front.

17″ in width so it’s on the medium to larger size, and the double zip top opens to two poly lined compartments with plenty of room. One compartment is split into two via a slightly padded laptop divider, and the other compartment has a few extra pockets on the interior of the outside wall. Does come with a shoulder strap.

Dopp Leather / Dappered.comThe minimal handles will be appreciated by some.

One of the more welcome styling details are the handles. There’s no bulky, padded grips on these things. Just two thicker strips of the case’s material, cut an inch or so in width. Very easy to grab, and they stay the heck out of the way.

This isn’t something you’ll pass down to an heir. Far from it. But many of us don’t care to think that far into the future, especially when all we want is a decent looking briefcase that won’t put the rent in jeopardy.

Anyone seen these anywhere else online other than Jackthreads? Have other inexpensive leather cases that you’ve had good luck with? Those suggestions are welcome in the comments.