10 Style-Related Resolutions for 2014

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It’s an annual tradition around here.  Any style resolution suggestions that you  might have are welcome in the comments.

#1. Wear your “nice” stuff more.

There’s hardly a one of us who isn’t guilty of babying a new purchase instead of enjoying it to its fullest. Stains happen. Scuffs happen.  GET OUT THERE AND WEAR YOUR STUFF. Especially your suits. And if you’re lucky enough to own a tuxedo, resolve to find more excuses to wear it this year. Maybe that means more black tie events. Or, perhaps throw a party at your house. If any of your guests ask why you’re in a tuxedo, channel your inner Jack D. Even if you are in the agricultural industry. Especially if you’re in the agricultural industry (and hat tip to you folks).


#2. Sell a bunch of stuff you only kinda-sorta-like on ebay.

You know, the things you wear every once in a while because you don’t really love them. Like, a pile of watches you don’t wear much anymore. Shoes you’ve worn once or twice. Or a suit with a pattern you just didn’t fall in love with. If you think there’s a chance someone would buy it, spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon shooting and uploading pics, and sell that stuff you could do without. Save 1/2 of the profits. Spend 1/2 on something really nice.

#3. Pick a “No Spend on Style” Month.

No shoes. No shirts. No suits or blazers. Consider keeping track of what you might have purchased over that month. A small virtual post-it or notepad file works if you do most of your shopping online. At the end of the month, tally up what you didn’t spend. Save half (or all), and maybe donate the other half to a favorite non-profit. Or, buy a round.

#4. Get your closet organized… and keep it organized.

It’s that second part, keeping it organized, that’s often the toughest. Head here for our three step guide to getting your closet organized. Then resolve, to have the resolve, to keep it clean and neat.

resolve to organize that closet in 2014Clear Clutter, Outfit Your Space, Build a System

#5. Keep your car & desk at work organized (if you have one)

You might not wear your vehicle or your work station, but just like your clothes, they can act as a reflection of who you are. Also, you just never know when you’ll be driving by and see what’s-her/his-name from the coffee shop or bar walking in the rain. And you can offer them a ride.

#6. Make a point to remember the names of people you meet

Speaking of “what’s-their-name” ^ … remembering someone’s name when you meet them can be extremely difficult. Especially if you’re the type who doesn’t naturally give human beings the benefit of the doubt. Point is, style is about more than nice shoes and knowing a good tailor. Remembering someone’s name makes you about 10x more handsome than the next guy.

#7. Embrace your personal uniform

This whole dressed-by-the-internet thing seems to endorse pushing the envelope and looking wildly different every friggin’ day. Trying something new is great. But the point (well, one of the points) of figuring out your own personal style is being comfortable while still looking sharp. Once you find the formula, don’t fight it. Lean on what works for you.

DON'T FIGHT IT Dappered.comDon’t fight a personal uniform!

 #8. Get your hair cut more often. By the same person.

If you’re lucky enough to have a good head of hair, consider upping your barber visit from once a month to once every three weeks. Just a bit of a trim each time, and you’ll never have to deal with the “it’s too short” week right after it’s been cut, or the “it’s too long” week before you get it cut again. And stick with the same person. Stylist or Barber, doesn’t matter. Find someone you like and develop a good relationship.

#9. Take better care of your skin

There are a lot of us bar soap guys out there that take better care of our suits… than our birthday suits. This can be simple. Don’t take scalding hot showers (dries you out something awful). Apply a little basic moisturizer to your face before bed each night. And see a dermatologist once a year if you’re fair skinned or spend a lot of time in the sun.

#10. Don’t take the “rules” of fashion so seriously.

If you feel your best in it, and it looks good on you, forget the “experts” and go with it. Most of these so-called rules (even the ones you read on this website) are more guidelines than anything. 99.9% of you already get this. Don’t over think it. There are much bigger things to be concerned about.

Your turn fellas. What are your style-related resolutions for this year? What’s worked for you in the past? Leave it all below. Top Photo Credit: Egil Nes