10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – Billy Reid, B.R., and… Sweat?

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Seventy Five dollars. That’s a lot of money. It’ll get you a couple pairs of Levi’s, a nice dinner out, or a couple months at your local gym. Seventy Five dollars. It is a lot of money, especially if you spend it right. Ten picks follow, all for $75 or under, and some of them are much, much less.


1. 1901 Cashmere Crewneck – $62.49 ($125)

1901 Cashmere Crew on Dappered.com

100% cashmere, a trimmer fit than most sweaters, thin stripes, and from one of Nordstrom’s younger/leaner house brands. What’s not to like? Ships and returns free too. Not a bad option for the late winter/early spring transitional period.


2. Bespoke Post “Sweat” Box of Awesome – $45.00

Bespoke Sweat Box of Awesome on Dappered.com

Probably should call it Sweat Part II (deux?) since the goodies on the inside of the bag are slightly different. Last time it was a bag of protein powder and some American Crew “forming creme” hair product. This time it’s four different workout products (pre, post, etc…) that varies from bag to bag. The headliner is still the Made in the USA duffel from Blue Claw Co. Blue cotton exterior, red plaid interior, perfect for the gym or getting out of town. Most of us probably got the “Heritage” box email notification. But this is available too. Always good to bounce on over to Bespoke Post once a month and see what else they’ve got up for grabs.


3. Claiborne Reversible Leather Belt – $17.85 w/ SAVNJAN ($28)

Claiborne Reversible Belt on Dappered.com

Not gonna be a hand-me-down, but it hits a lot of high points. Black on one side, brown on the other, inexpensive, and a slightly rounded buckle. It’s a belt that blends in. That’s what most of us are looking for.


4. Portolano Hand Sewn Shearling Gloves – $69.00 ($150)

Shearling Gloves on Dappered.com

Warm & thick without obnoxious bulk. Sueded tops with fuzzy shearling interiors. Made in Italy. Available through Nordstrom Rack for HauteLook.


5. Timex Originals Q-Dial in Blue -$84.99 or Black – $54.99

Qdials on Dappered.com

Yes sir! They’re back. The Timex Q dial nails the updated-retro look. And since it’s a Timex, it’s tough to be pretentious. It’s anti-pretentious. Afterall, it has the word QUARTZ plastered on the dial. Battery powered and proud of it. 38 mm but has a little bit of beef to the case. Perfect for those with small wrists or who prefer more traditionally sized watches. These can be tough to find and tend to come and go pretty quickly. Available through a couple of 3rd party sellers on Amazon, or, $76 for the black option with the promo code SAVE 20 on Timex.com.


6. B.R. Birdseye Shawl-Collar Sweater – $64.80 w/ BRSAVE40

BR Birdsey Shawl Collar on Dappered.com

A cold-weather ready shawl collar that avoids standard earth tones, and instead goes with a birdseye navy/light greyish blue combo. 60% extra fine merino, 40% acrylic, so it should be pretty soft. Expensive, even at 30% off. M and L available at post time. Might be worth checking the clearance/sale rack in store. Code is good for 40% off (lots of exclusions as usual) and ends today.


7. Bonobos Triple Stripe Wool “Barclay” Belt – $60.00

Bonobos Wool Belt on Dappered.com 10 Best Bets

Here’s the thing about this belt. That’s a lot of preppy in one package (right above your package). So if you want to avoid looking costumey, skip most (if not all) other preppy related things when wearing it. Boat shoes, brass buttoned blazers, etc. Heck, this might look right at home with a pair of boots, jeans, and a crewneck sweater.


8. Billy Reid Heathered Polo – $58 ($115)

BReid LS Polos on Dappered.com 10 Best Bets

Just a basic, but man does Billy Reid know how to upgrade a basic. Four button placket with natural mother of pearl buttons. Chest pocket. A trim cut as well, so consider sizing up. Made in Peru. UPDATE: Head on over to Nordstrom where it looks like they’ve got two of these colors for $51.75 w/ free shipping & free returns. Buttons on the “chocolate” aren’t white, but they sure appear to be the same? Thanks to B.A. in the comments…


9. Goodfellas: FREE – $5.00

“Whoever sold you those suits had a sense of humor.” With Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street getting so much recent praise, it might be a nice time to go back and see one of his best. Free, unlimited streaming, if you have Prime.


10. Massimo Dutti Black Croc-Print Money Clip – $15.90 ($35.50)

Massimo Dutti Money Clip on Dappered.com 10 Best Bets

Gotta love Zara and big brother Massimo Dutti… and their lack of clear translations on their English sites. “BLACK CROCODILE-PRINT PURSE”. Pretty sure that’s not a purse. “Italian crocodile embossed leather purse with a foldover flap fastening and interior coin compartment.” Allright, so it looks like a misplaced description more than a bad translation, but still. Ships and returns free. Not bad for a dressed-up money clip.


BONUS These, if they weren’t so chopped: UNIQLO Cotton Blazers – $69.90

UNIQLO Blazers on Dappered.com 10 Best Bets

Looks better than okay on the left, but on the right? Good gracious, it’s barely longer than a t-shirt. If this guy would go by the curled hands test, he’d come up inches short. And for those in the “jackets should cover my butt” crowd, the rear-facing shot shows the jacket barely touching the top of his back pockets. Maybe he’s just really tall? Inches short. Never a good thing.

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