Style Scenario: The Dressed Up Holiday House or Work Party

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes there’s an easy answer. Sometimes not. Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Seems like there’s a get-together of some sort every other night this time of year. This outfit can work for many an office party as well, but why not look extra nice when headed over to a house party? Just make sure the hosts themselves won’t be sporting hooded sweatshirts. The below example is certainly dressed up without being stuck up. Top Photo: Elliot P.

Style Scenario: Dressed Up Holiday Party by

The Suit: J. Crew Factory Thompson Wool Blend Jacket & Pant – $156.80 w/ 12DAYS. Yep, a suit. Even if you’re headed to a house party. BUT, we all could use more excuses to wear a suit, and this one is pretty casual thanks to the lighter grey flecks in the fabric. It’s a wintery look without the weight & bulk of a true flannel. Mostly wool with a little poly. Original review over here. Code is good for an extra 20% off + free shipping no min. Heck of a suit for $150.

The Pocket Square: TheTieBar Light Grey Flannel – $8.00. Something to add a little contrast at the chest pocket, without going too stiff with an all white pocket square.

The Shirt: Calibrate Trim Fit  Red Gingham – $59.50. Terrific collar, so it’s perfect for going tieless. A bolder yet not enormous gingham injects some seasonal color into the outfit. Nice quality and a decently trim fit from the Nordstrom house brand. Ships and returns free.

The Watch: Tissot T-Classic Powermatic 80 – $424.84. Goodness. That thing is perfect. Expensive as all get out, but perfect. Classic dial with roman numerals, great looking hands, and a trusted name. Plus, it’s got an 80 hour power reserve. Yes, EIGHTY. That’s insane for the relative price. Fulfilled by Amazon at Post Time, and much cheaper ($369) at Jomashop (discussion about Jomashop in the comments over here). Meanwhile, there’s always the Classic Bambino from Orient.

The Gloves: Banana Republic Goatskin Drivers – $53.70 w/ BRTREAT. As long as your walk from the car (or train, or subway) isn’t too excruciatingly long, consider leaving the coat at home or in the car. We’ve all been to a packed house party. Lots of fun, but one less coat to throw on a spare bed would help out the situation. Wear gloves and wrap up in the scarf instead. It’ll be a lot easier to grab on the way out the door. Code is good for 40% off through today, 12/10/13, and these gloves got lots of love in the comments over here.

The Scarf: Lands’ End Alpaca Scarf – $49.99 (ships free w/ SLEIGH & 1500). Softer and smoother than lambswool without as much of the price increase compared to cashmere. Terrific windowpane pattern. 10″ wide. $6 more gets it monogrammed.

The Host/Hostess Gift: Avalon Cab – $12.99. If you’re headed over to someone’s place, don’t forget to bring something to show you appreciate the work they put in to hosting. A bottle of tasty yet affordable red wine is perfect, and Avalon’s Cab gets it done for surprisingly cheap.

The Belt: Ralph Lauren Leather Dress Belt – $26.99 ($45). Well reviewed. Simple. Let the cut of your suit do the talking.

The Boots: Aston Grey Hale Chukka – $99.95If you’re heading out into the dark & frozen night, consider putting on a pair of more affordable dress boots with a grippy rubber sole. That’d be the Aston Grey Hale from DSW.

The Socks: Wigwam Merino Airlite – $10.50. Warmth & breathable without the bulk. Merino wool that’s thin enough to fit comfortable in a dress shoe/boot and still look decent.