Style Scenario: Santa on Christmas Eve

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What are you going to wear?  Or in this instance, what is HE going wear?  St. Nick has a heck of a job ahead of him.  Lots of miles to cover, lots of soot filled chimneys to get down, lots of cookie crumbs and milk spills to avoid. It’s a dirty job, but that doesn’t mean Santa can’t look sharp while getting it done.  Here’s what he might be geared up in while putting another 25k-50k miles on the sleigh. Top Photo Credit

Style Scenario Santa on Xmas Eve by

The Watch: Seiko SRP127 World Time Automatic – $143.00  See, there’s this kid in the Azores. Glenn. He’s been trying to nab Santa heading down the chimney for YEARS, and he barely gets more than a few minutes of sleep every Christmas Eve. So Santa has to keep track of what time it is there, along with all of the other time zones, and backtrack once Glenn finally drifts off. Here’s to hoping Mrs. Claus picks up this upgrade for Santa for their next anniversary.

The Pants: Bonobos French Corders – $54.60 w/ SNOWEDIN. Nick was wearing red pants long before anyone threw a preppy clam bake on Nantucket. Word is he almost wore some travel jeans in green this year… but nixed that idea thinking that the jeans would add a little too much contrast.

The Base Layer: Club Monaco Cashmere Union Suit – $335.30 w/ WINTER. When you’ve been doing this as long as he has, you treat. yo. self.

The Gloves: Cire by Grandoe Shearling – $63.71 w/ EMY13Warm without going full mitten. Code is good for 25% off orders of $75+ at Sierra Trading Post. No word when it ends. Patience can often lead to 30% – 40% off codes. Always good to check their social media outlets for codes.

The Coat: Custom Gore-Tex Cashmere Lined Knee Length Topcoat w/ Horween Leather Belt w/ Brass Buckle. One of a kind. Made by the Mrs. w/ R&D by the Elf Q Branch. Not pictured: Matching hat with interior crash-padding & drop down night vision goggles.

The Pen: Fisher Space Original Astronaut Space Pen – $37.63. Good enough for the Apollo Astronauts, good enough for Santa. Writes in temps from -30 to 250. Perfect for crossing names off the list while moving through various layers of the atmosphere.

The Balaclava: N-Ferno 6827 Fleece/Neoprene 2-Piece – $12.45. The wind chill in an open air sleigh is brutal. This totally stays on for coal drops at the naughty houses, just to scare the hell out of them. Little sh*ts.

The Boots: Allen Edmonds Dalton – $395.00 w/ custom lug sole. Port Washington isn’t that far from his place, so Santa Dropped into AE headquarters one day and asked if they would be willing to put the Vibram sole from their Long Branch onto a black Dalton. The result was a smooth + sharp Dalton with roof-ready tread.

Happy holidays to you and yours from all of us here at Dappered.