Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale for Men – Winter 2013/14 picks

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Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Men – Over 8,000 Items

It’s easily in the top 5 sales of the year, and they do it twice. Once in the summer, and once in the winter, Nordstrom marks down items from the previous season and throws em’ in a digital pile online. And it’s quite the pile. Almost 9,000 items this time around, and it’s more than odd sizes and weird designs or colors. Nordstrom always cuts prices on a nice batch of desirable staples, and plenty of splurge items lurk in this event as well. Now, Nordstrom isn’t Macy’s, and they do carry some higher end designers… so be prepared for some sticker shock here and there.

Items below had at least a good size selection at post time unless otherwise noted. Meanwhile, all items do ship and return free.


Allen Edmonds 5th Ave. in Bourbon – $294.96 ($345)

AE Bourbon 5ths on

15% off is… not that big of a discount. These seem to be hold-overs from when Nordstrom was price matching the Allen Edmonds Bourbon select styles from their bourbon line sale from a month back. Be patient and you might see these drop to the mid to low $200s for first quality in the coming months.

UPDATE: Big hat tip to John in the comments for pointing out that Brooks Brothers has discounted a bunch of their Allen Edmonds made shoes as part of their semi-annual sale. With the extra 15% off (expires today they’ve extended it through 12/27) the 5th Ave. w/ rubber sole drops to $234.60. More shoes on sale over here


Allen Edmonds Black Strands – $229.90 ($345)

AE black strands on

There we go. A more than solid price. And the nice thing about Strands in black, is that all that extra broguing isn’t as flashy on black as if it were on, say, walnut. A little less attention gets drawn to yourself with these. Stands out quietly. Don’t count out black when it comes to shoes.

Update: Want a rubber sole? Or the strand in brown or walnut? Here’s the Brooks Brothers version. $234.60 through today.


French Connection Navy Corduroy Blazer – $132.66 ($198)

french connection cord blazer on

Not a bad item to wear out on New Year’s Eve. Even with dark denim (<— outfit shown there uses the old Macy’s INC cord blazer from a few years back… too bad INC seems to throw goofy embellishments all over their blazers these days).


1901 Trim Fit French Cuff Dress Shirt – $25.90 ($39.50)

1901 french cuffs on

The whites are all but sold out, but there’s plenty left in the light blue. Looks like the collar has a nice size to it. Really well reviewed on the Nordstrom site.


Ralph Lauren Quilted Moto Gloves – $58.96 ($88)

RL moto Glove on

A favorite around these parts. Available in brown or black, in Medium, Large, or XL. Ships & returns free so if they show up and don’t fit your hands right, you can send em’ right back.


Wallin & Bros Wool Blend Topcoat – $264.65 ($395)

Wallin and bros topcoats on

An awfully sharp looking 80% wool / 20% nylon from a newer Nordstrom exclusive(?) brand. Ticket pocket, covered placket, and the black check option should go with everything from your navy/charcoal suits to jeans and a sweater.


Calibrate Brandon Oxford – $83.75 ($125)

calibrate brandon on

A really good price on a better than average entry level dress shoe. From a Nordstrom house brand. More over here.


1901 Trim Fit Cashmere Crew Neck or V-Neck Sweaters – $77.05 ($115)

1901 cashmere on

After Christmas = Cashmere goes on sale just about everywhere. From 1901, the younger leaning Nordstrom house brand. Trim fit, but be careful with the v-necks. Those collars are awfully thin looking. That’s not a comment on the structural integrity of the garment, just the style. Plenty of colors + sizes.


Nordstrom Trim Fit Light Blue Dress Shirt – $42.90 ($65)

Nord trim light blue on

One of the best bang-for-the-buck shirts on the market, Nordstrom “SmartCare” shirts are somewhat wrinkle resistant, without feeling stiff as a board. Terrific collars on these things too. Looks like the light blue option seen here has a decent amount of sizes left at post time.


Nordstrom Driving Gloves – $46.56 ($69.50)

Nord Drivers on

Driving gloves in the most traditional form. Unlined, perforated, not all that warm. But, grippy and good for climates where it’s not bitter cold 100% of the winter.


Polo Ralph Lauren Quilted Blazer – $264.65 ($295)

RL quilted blazer on

You know you’re hooked on sportcoats & blazers when this becomes your chosen piece of casual outerwear. And yes, it’s outerwear. Don’t let the “blazer” title fool you. Cord collar, suede elbow patches, and dual vents in the rear. Seems a little steep in price, even on sale, but the styling is nails. Also available in a medium blue.


Grayers ‘Kendall’ Quilted Jersey Jacket – $130.65 ($190)

quilted jersey jacket on

And here’s a much more affordable alternative to the RL option above ^ .  Not quite the same, but similar enough. This one is a cotton jersey fabric, so think sweatshirt soft instead of nylon repellent. The chest level hand warmer pockets are a nice touch.


TBNY Mason Double Monk in Brown or Black – $199.90 ($325)

TBNY Double Monks on

TBNY isn’t quite as tough as Allen Edmonds, but their soles are stitched, the leathers are nice, and their shoes are made in Italy. Double monks with a cap and medallion might be a little loud for some, but right on for others at under $200.


Wallin & Bros. Lambswool Pique Cardigan – $66.66 ($99.50)

Wallin Shawl Collar Cardigan on

Grandpa Sweater Perfection! C’mon, if you’re gonna go with a shawl cardigan in this shade, why not go full AARP. Looks pretty darn good from this side of the interwebs. 100% lambswool with that waffle like pique knit. Great for lazy Sundays. Now get off my lawn.


Wallin & Bros Extra Trim Fit Cotton Blazer – $197.65 ($295)

Wallin & Bros Cotton Blazers on

Not a small price for a polished cotton blazer, but these don’t seem to be chopped like the options from, say, Bonobos. Cotton looks nice and smooth, and the exact chest sizes (36, 38, 40, etc) are plenty welcome.


Ben Sherman Wool/Nylon Trim Fit Sweater – $66.98 ($100)

Ben Sherman Striped Sweaters on

Pricey if it were cotton, but… they’re not. 80% wool / 20% nylon. That can usually make for a nice feeling fabric (at least B.R. sweaters of the past with that mix have been a nice blend of tough + somewhat smooth).


Cole Haan Air Madison Monk – $159.90 ($248)

CH Madison Monk on

These have dipped under $150 on Amazon in the past, and you might be able to find a pair or two lurking in your local Nordstrom Rack (if you’re lucky enough to have one). A single monk in a not-too-light but still can’t miss it tan. Jeans, chinos, trousers, even a suit if you’re wearing it casually.


Calibrate Trim Fit Gingham Dress Shirt – $38.90 ($59.50)

Calibrate trim fit Gingham on

Another one of those Nordstrom house-brand items that tends to go on sale during the half-yearly events. And they’re plenty worth it when they dip under $40. Great collars, good fabric, and a nicely trim (but not skinny) fit. Available in black, blue, navy, red, and more.


Ben Sherman Melton Wool Blend Crombie Coat – $184.25 ($275)

Ben Sherman topcoats on

An alternative would be to wait for the price on J. Crew’s topcoats to plummet during upcoming post holiday sales (they usually do), but they probably won’t get under $200 for a while. These from Ben Sherman claim to be a trim fit. Perfect above the knee length. Lots of blending going on here for the fabric: 59% wool, 16 % polyester, 10% viscose rayon, 6% nylon, 6% acrylic, 3% cotton.


TBNY  Bernard Wingtip – $251.25 ($375) | Billy Reid Savannah – $251.25 ($375)

TBNY And BR on

A couple of well made casual shoes with dress shoe influence. Billy Reid shoes are pretty close to bulletproof, while still having a noticeable dressed down look to their lines. Great looking pebble grain to the TBNY option, and along with the leather, the reinforced eyelets make this distinctly casual. Might be able to get away with wearing these with a tweed or rough flannel suit. Both pairs are made in Italy. Limited sizes for both.


J. Abboud Trim Fit Suit in Tan Windowpane or Navy Stripe – $477 – $466 ($795)

Abboud Trim Fit Suits on

Made in the USA with a trim but not tight fit. Abboud has come quietly roaring (can one quietly roar?) in the last few years… but they were sold to Men’s Wearhouse over the summer. We’ll see what that means in the coming year.


John W. Nordstrom Made in the USA Cashmere/Silk Blazer – $465.65 ($695)

JWN Cashmere Blazer on

SPENDY. But… wow. Description claims it’s a “classic” fit, but one of the reviews says it’s trim through the sides. Might need alterations, but once you have those done, just try and keep your date’s hand off your sleeve. Looks like there’s a bit of a herringbone pattern to it. Side vents. A major investment.


Barbour Leedale – $267.33 ($399) | Saxony – $284.75 ($425)

Barbour jackets on

There are lots of inexpensive homages to Barbour coats out there, but if you’re looking to spend a good chunk of change on a high quality casual jacket, then the real deal might be worth a look. Waxed cotton and great hardware on both of these.


Original Penguin Prince of Wales Blazer – $150.75 ($225)

OP Prince of Wales Blazer on

Maybe better off for those who are average height or on the shorter side, since Original Penguin Blazers can be a little chopped in the tail. A wool blend, but the description leads with polyester (as in poly/wool/acrylic). Could be a winner, could be disappointing in person.


Penfield Quilted Jacket – $113.90 ($170)

penfield quilted jacket on

Anyone else starting to get the feeling that quilted jackets were big this year?


Wolverine 1000 Mile Winchester – $199.96 ($330)

Wolverine Winny on

Made in China, but still carries the 1000 Mile badge of quality. Was going for $150 over at DSW earlier in December, but that was an oddly low price.


French Connection Stretch Twill Blazer – $99.16 ($148)

FCUK Stretch blazer on

A grey cotton blazer with what looks to be a slight bit of rumple. Not bad for going out to the bar in, or wearing on casual Friday with jeans.


Nordstrom Merino Blend Donegal V-Neck – $53.27 ($79.50)

Nordstrom Donnegal Sweaters on

Tired of all the dark hues lurking in your sweater drawer, but think a white or cream sweater is just too ski-bunnyish? Then donegal is your friend, my, uh… friend. 68% merino wool, 20% nylon, 10% Angora goat hair, 2% silk. And those flecks keep it on the masculine side. Does say it’s a regular fit though.


Scotch & Soda Quilted Cotton Blend Jacket – $157.45 ($235)

Scotch & Soda Quilted Jacket on

Another trim fit quilted jacket, but this one loses the all poly shine in favor of a 50/50 cotton blend matte fabric. Tonal herringbone pattern. Limited sizes. Just L, XL, and XXL at post time.


7 For All Mankind ‘Standard’ Straight Leg Jeans (Chester Row) – $113.23 ($169)

7famk straight leg on

Most of us aren’t denim heads, and a pair of Levis will be our go-to until the day we expire. But for those that do like to spend their hard earned cash on top quality denim, 7 For All Mankind is respected, this straight fit is well reviewed, and the deep dark blue with a slight resin finish should work just about anywhere. 11 oz. Italian Denim. Made in the USA.


J. D. Fisk Cap Toe Boot – $109.96 ($198)

JD Fisk Cap Toe on

Less is more. J. D. Fisk makes good (not amazing) shoes that should hold up with decent care. Could become a go-to. Rubber sole but not lugged, so you’ll have some grip without all the rubber teeth.


Jack Spade Desert Suede Duffel – $311.25 w/ SALESALE ($550)

Jack Spade Suede Duffels on

Actually cheaper if you go through Jack Spade. Available in both sand and that dark green through Nordstrom, and they’re usually great about price-matching if you give customer service a call (ships & returns free through Nordstrom, so, might be worth going through those hoops). There’ something awfully rich about a suede duffel bag… along with the price of course. Great texture. Just over 2000 cubic inches of space. Code is good for an extra 25% off sale items at Jack Spade through 1/12.


Nordstrom Cashmere V-Neck or Crewneck Sweaters – $92.46 ($138)

Nordy Cashmere on

Something to keep an eye on. Usually these half-yearly sales run for a couple of weeks, and then whatever’s left over gets an extra cut in price. So if these go to half off, that’d be around $70 for a decent quality cashmere sweater. Says their regular fit though, so they might be bulky.


Allen Edmonds Players Wingtip – $229.90 ($335)

AE Walnut Players on

A classic, business casual wingtip in Walnut. Labeled by the Nordstrom site as “oxfords” but… they’re a derby. What to wear with em’? See an outfit idea over here.


Grayers Donegal Wool Blend Sweater in Navy Flecked or Striped – $65.66 ($98)

Grayers Donnegal Sweaters on

80% wool / 20% Nylon, and that familiar, flecked look of a donegal sweater. Lots of sizes available. One of those items that might be worth holding out for a greater discount.


John W. Nordstrom Leather Gloves – $59.96 ($89.50)

Nordstrom Gloves on

Nordstrom’s own so the quality should be there, and that strap at the wrist keeps  them from being boring.


John W. Nordstrom Trim Fit Check Dress Shirts – $59.90 ($89.50)

Nordy Check Dress Shirts on

From the upgraded John W. line. Good quality checked (these aren’t gingham) dress shirts to mix it up between runs of solids and stripes.


1901 Carson Grey Suede Derby – $66.90 ($99.95)

1901 Carson on

Nope, obviously not a chukka. But just as versatile. 1901 makes a real nice suede shoe too. Not the sleekest things in the world, but they look awfully good with dark denim and a chino blazer.


Nordstrom Cedar Shoe Trees – $14.90 ($19.95)

Nordy Shoe Trees on

No need to leave the house! Perfect. Well built too. Some cheaper shoe trees can have a clunky action, but not these. Also, these have handles carved into the heel, so you can get em’ down into (and more importantly, out of) boots if you so choose.


Woolrich Slim Fit Wool Blend Varsity Jacket – $150.75 ($225)

Woolrich Varsity Jacket on

Varsity jacket styling that’s a little more toned down & grown up. 42% wool, 35% cotton, 15% nylon, 8% polyester blend fabric. Nice looking brass-toned hardware up front.


How much?  Todd Colorblock Cashmere Crewneck – $356.98 ($595)

TS Cashmere Sweatshirt

A cashmere sweatshirt? What is this, Jay Gatsby’s choice for when he’s getting his cardio in on the NordicTrack? “You should see me dominate the Bow Flex Old Sport…”


Would you wear it? Magnanni ‘Algora’ Medallion Toe Oxford – $249.90 ($395)

Magnanni Suede Oxford on

Ooof. A suede oxford with a medallion on the toe and some sweeping perforations at the side. Maybe with a pale grey suit come spring & summer? Or are these shoes just a little… too hot for the hot tub?

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for men usually goes on for a couple of weeks, and then prices drop even further on most of these items as part of a quiet, final-clearance event.