Most Wanted Affordable Style – December 2013

<div class='at-above-post addthis_default_style addthis_toolbox at-wordpress-hide' data-title='Most Wanted Affordable Style – December 2013' data-url=''></div><div class='at-above-post-recommended addthis_default_style addthis_toolbox at-wordpress-hide'></div>A completely subjective top 5 most wanted pieces available now.<div class='at-below-post addthis_default_style addthis_toolbox at-wordpress-hide' data-title='Most Wanted Affordable Style – December 2013' data-url=''></div><div class='at-below-post-recommended addthis_default_style addthis_toolbox at-wordpress-hide'></div>

Consider these to be power rankings.  Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month.  The potential best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below.  Top Photo Credit: andrew_j_w .


5. Timex Premium Originals Dive-Style 43mm Boxed Set – $100* ($140)

Timex 70s dive watch on

Leave it to Timex to make a dive-style watch with a water resistance rating of 30m. But there’s some serious 70’s(?) style going on here. Comes with three straps. 43mm in diameter. It appears the bezel does rotate, since on the Timex site the ol’ Triangle on the bezel is at Noon, and over on the U.O. website it’s down closer to 4 o’clock. Excellent.  *Here’s how to get this price: Urban Outfitters has extended their Cyber Monday sale through 11:59 pm ET today. The watch set is $140, and you can take $25 off at $100. But $50 comes off once you hit $150. Buy a $10 pair of socks, that pushes your total to $150, subtract the discount, and it’s a hundred bucks. Expensive for a Timex, but, could be a real looker in person.


4. Everlane Reverse Denim Dopp Kit – $30.00

Everlane Dopp Kit on

Some of us just don’t “get” the expensive Dopp thing. For those of us who are not in the luxury-dopp crowd, the evolution of our shave kit bags went something like this:

  1. Ziploc Bag
  2. Crappy Kenneth Cole Reaction Faux-Leather thing we picked up at TJ Maxx.
  3. … There is no #3

Until now. That is one hell of a good looking dopp kitt, with some personality, at a more than reasonable price. That seems to be what Everlane specializes in. Tweaking basic, clean designs, and keeping their supply chain transparent.


3. Bond On Set: Filming Skyfall – $27.78 ($40)

Bond On Set on

On set photos, script excerpts, and behind the scenes observations from the filming of Skyfall. Place on coffee table. Pick up and open whenever. Repeat.


2. Randolph Engineering Aviators in Matte Black – $77.40 – $90.30 ($129)

RE Aviators on

Part of the RE Holiday Sale. Chrome frames are standard, but matte black is meaner. More reserved. Doesn’t shout. The bayonette temples (yeeeah) clock in at ninety bucks, but all three sizes (52mm, 55mm, 58mm) are available. That’s good news for those of us on team large-head. Lots of other styles on sale, and be sure to watch out for final sale items.


1. Suitsupply “Faro” Unstructured Blazer in Navy or Green – $149 ($399)

suitsupply unstructured outlet blazers on

DAMN you Suitsupply and your new online outlet (you’ll need the code EARLYACCESS to get in). Here’s the deal with these blazers. If you’re used to your blazer having lots of structure, lots of weight… then you’ll hate it. These are a wool, very cleaned up version of the INC Ultra Lights (remember those?) from years back. OR… the Abboud “soft construction” line. Perfect for guys with some strength up top who don’t like being swallowed by shoulder pads or linings that don’t quite move that well. Lots of sizes left at post time in the green, as well as 38, 40, 44, and 46 in the navy.


Suitsupply outlet closed


BONUS: Scotch & Soda Leather Card Case – $21.00 ($35)

Scotch & Soda card case on

Stumbled across this on the new Nordstrom Rack for HauteLook subsite. And if all of Scotch & Soda’s leather goods are this nice, for this price, then they’re worth strongly considering. Nice and flexible right out of the (really well presented) box, a suede or suede-like interior, and it feels pretty well built for twenty or thirty bucks. Slots on either side for cards with a center slit for more cards and or cash.

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