Massimo Dutti Winter Sale 2013 Picks

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Massimo Dutti is sorta like Spain’s Banana Republic, with the more popular “Zara” playing the role of GAP. But unlike the two GAP inc. mall-stalwarts, Zara and Massimo Dutti have a much more subtle footprint in the US. Especially Massimo Dutti. Okay, instead of subtle, try almost non-existent (they have, what… two stores?).

They solve this problem by offering free shipping & free returns. Full retail at MD can be a little steep, and they don’t often run sales or promotions, so these end-of-season sales are worth paying attention to. Everything from the Fall/winter line has been marked down. Quality is actually pretty decent. Cuts are slim, so consider sizing up. Off we go…


Cotton/Cashmere Elbow Patch Crew – $45.90 ($69.50)

MD Cotton Cashmere Crew on

95% cotton and 5% cashmere. So, not a merino wool, but this is where MD’s slim sizing could be an advantage for some. Elbow patches appear to be a nice suede.


Wool Buggy Blazer – $170.00 ($345)

MD Buggy Blazer on

Huge potential here. “Buggy” = Buggy Back? If that’s the case, that means it’s half lined and should be nice and lightweight. Flat, matte-looking, metal buttons should please almost everyone. No obnoxious gold-toned anchor buttons here. Does look a little short in the tail. Not all sizes available, but, you’re probably going to want to size up here.


Suede Wingtip Boots – $139.00 ($198)

MD Suede Wingtip Boot on

Rubber soled so you won’t be sliding around outside on the ice. A little too light of a shade of brown/tan/cognac/whatever for many, but they should jump out nicely when worn with jeans.


Twill Jeans – $39.90 ($59.50)

MD Twill Jeans on

For those of us who are addicted to blue, the “blueish” (yep, their word) option should actually look pretty darn good with a navy blazer. 98% cotton with a bit of stretch.


Waxed Cotton Quilted Jacket – $170.00 ($345)

MD Waxed Cotton Jacket on

A budget style-version of the Belstaff Roadmaster? Massimo Dutti can run a little tight, especially in outerwear, since you’re layering underneath. Strongly consider sizing up. You can see how a size larger in another one of their quilted jackets fit my frame over here.


Cotton Cashmere Casual Blazer – $170.00 ($245)

MD Herringbone Cotton Cashmere Blazer on

That’s one mighty fine looking cotton blazer. 95% cotton, 5% cashmere, a subtle herringbone pattern, and more casual patch pockets. Unstructured too. It’s like a luxury version of Target’s Merona Kensington.


Leather Gloves – $59.90 ($89.50)

MD Gloves on

Those look… Nubuck-y? Nubuckish? Not quite suede…


Cotton/Silk/Cashmere Tactleneck – $45.90 ($69.50)

Tactleneck on

Lana. LANAAAAAAAA. Seriously. Get it together Woodhouse. (Also available in a 95% wool/ 5% cashmere blend)


Long Sleeve Polo w/ Elbow Patches$35.90 ($69.50)

MD long sleeve polo on

Looks like the ol’ Express Signature polos, only with long sleeves and elbow patches. Says it’s 100% cotton, but there might be a bit of sheen in there. Contrast cuff lining, under collar, and placket. Update: There… aren’t any elbow patches on this thing. Hat tip to Phil for pointing that out. Strange.


Melange Herringbone Trousers – $59.90 ($89.90)

MD Melange Trousers on

Very subtle herringbone pattern. A good way to mix it up in a business casual workplace. Patch pockets on the backside.


Sheepskin Gloves – $59.90 ($89.50)

MD Sheepskin Gloves on

From their limited Equestrian Collection. “Perfect for horse lovers”. Well no wonder they’re not cordovan.


Dyed Twill Blazer – $130.00 ($198)

MD Pincord Blazer on

One of the things about Massimo Dutti and Zara is that their descriptions can sometimes read a little… off. Not the best translations here, and they seem to leave off some basic info most American Shoppers would appreciate. For instance, this looks more like it’s pincord than a flat chino twill blazer.


Pebble Grain Goodyear-welted(?) double monks – $249.00 ($345)

MD Monks on

Again, the translation issues. Description says: “Manufactured by Goodyear“… Pretty sure the tire company didn’t crank these out. But probably fair to assume that there’s a Goodyear welt on these suckers. Part of their limited “NYC collection.”

No word on how long this Massimo Dutti  sale goes on for. Standard shipping & returns are free.