Massimo Dutti Winter Sale 2013 Picks

Zara's better dressed big brother goes on sale.

Massimo Dutti is sorta like Spain’s Banana Republic, with the more popular “Zara” playing the role of GAP. But unlike the two GAP inc. mall-stalwarts, Zara and Massimo Dutti have a much more subtle footprint in the US. Especially Massimo Dutti. Okay, instead of subtle, try almost non-existent (they have, what… two stores?).

They solve this problem by offering free shipping & free returns. Full retail at MD can be a little steep, and they don’t often run sales or promotions, so these end-of-season sales are worth paying attention to. Everything from the Fall/winter line has been marked down. Quality is actually pretty decent. Cuts are slim, so consider sizing up. Off we go…


Cotton/Cashmere Elbow Patch Crew – $45.90 ($69.50)

MD Cotton Cashmere Crew on

95% cotton and 5% cashmere. So, not a merino wool, but this is where MD’s slim sizing could be an advantage for some. Elbow patches appear to be a nice suede.


Wool Buggy Blazer – $170.00 ($345)

MD Buggy Blazer on

Huge potential here. “Buggy” = Buggy Back? If that’s the case, that means it’s half lined and should be nice and lightweight. Flat, matte-looking, metal buttons should please almost everyone. No obnoxious gold-toned anchor buttons here. Does look a little short in the tail. Not all sizes available, but, you’re probably going to want to size up here.


Suede Wingtip Boots – $139.00 ($198)

MD Suede Wingtip Boot on

Rubber soled so you won’t be sliding around outside on the ice. A little too light of a shade of brown/tan/cognac/whatever for many, but they should jump out nicely when worn with jeans.


Twill Jeans – $39.90 ($59.50)

MD Twill Jeans on

For those of us who are addicted to blue, the “blueish” (yep, their word) option should actually look pretty darn good with a navy blazer. 98% cotton with a bit of stretch.


Waxed Cotton Quilted Jacket – $170.00 ($345)

MD Waxed Cotton Jacket on

A budget style-version of the Belstaff Roadmaster? Massimo Dutti can run a little tight, especially in outerwear, since you’re layering underneath. Strongly consider sizing up. You can see how a size larger in another one of their quilted jackets fit my frame over here.


Cotton Cashmere Casual Blazer – $170.00 ($245)

MD Herringbone Cotton Cashmere Blazer on

That’s one mighty fine looking cotton blazer. 95% cotton, 5% cashmere, a subtle herringbone pattern, and more casual patch pockets. Unstructured too. It’s like a luxury version of Target’s Merona Kensington.


Leather Gloves – $59.90 ($89.50)

MD Gloves on

Those look… Nubuck-y? Nubuckish? Not quite suede…


Cotton/Silk/Cashmere Tactleneck – $45.90 ($69.50)

Tactleneck on

Lana. LANAAAAAAAA. Seriously. Get it together Woodhouse. (Also available in a 95% wool/ 5% cashmere blend)


Long Sleeve Polo w/ Elbow Patches$35.90 ($69.50)

MD long sleeve polo on

Looks like the ol’ Express Signature polos, only with long sleeves and elbow patches. Says it’s 100% cotton, but there might be a bit of sheen in there. Contrast cuff lining, under collar, and placket. Update: There… aren’t any elbow patches on this thing. Hat tip to Phil for pointing that out. Strange.


Melange Herringbone Trousers – $59.90 ($89.90)

MD Melange Trousers on

Very subtle herringbone pattern. A good way to mix it up in a business casual workplace. Patch pockets on the backside.


Sheepskin Gloves – $59.90 ($89.50)

MD Sheepskin Gloves on

From their limited Equestrian Collection. “Perfect for horse lovers”. Well no wonder they’re not cordovan.


Dyed Twill Blazer – $130.00 ($198)

MD Pincord Blazer on

One of the things about Massimo Dutti and Zara is that their descriptions can sometimes read a little… off. Not the best translations here, and they seem to leave off some basic info most American Shoppers would appreciate. For instance, this looks more like it’s pincord than a flat chino twill blazer.


Pebble Grain Goodyear-welted(?) double monks – $249.00 ($345)

MD Monks on

Again, the translation issues. Description says: “Manufactured by Goodyear“… Pretty sure the tire company didn’t crank these out. But probably fair to assume that there’s a Goodyear welt on these suckers. Part of their limited “NYC collection.”

No word on how long this Massimo Dutti  sale goes on for. Standard shipping & returns are free.