Cyber Monday 2013 – Deals for Men

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Used to be that retail analysts would dismiss Cyber Monday as little more than a joke compared to the in-store Black Friday holiday onslaught. Times have changed. So much so that a good chunk of us (under the age of almost-dead) do our Black Friday shopping online. Cyber Monday is just a bonus, with sometimes slightly different and potentially better offers for the web savvy crowd (such as free shipping no minimum deals). Expect this post to be updated throughout the day.


Nordstrom: Cyber Monday Savings + new markdowns of up to 40% off

Nordy Cyber Monday picks on

Nordstrom finally jumped into the Black Friday Fray this year, and they’re following up with Cyber Monday today. A much wider selection compared to Black Friday (1300 items today), although some items appear to have been in the sale section before today, at the same prices. Everything ships and returns free. The JWN Dress shirt sure appears to be a new addition though, and while not mega cheap nor super slim, it’s an extremely solid buy at sixty bucks. Perfect collar, great fabric… these things are about as good as it gets before you splurge on something custom. For a shirt that’s more casual, try the Bonobos OCBD… sizes are slightly limited, but they’re cheaper through Nordstrom than at Bonobos. Speaking of…


Bonobos: 30% off site wide no min. w/ Select Additional Markdowns

Bonobos Cyber Monday 2013 on

There we are. 30% off no minimum, with a bunch of other deals like 50% off all merino crewnecks, 50% off their cashmere v-necks, and 40% off much of their suiting. The Black Friday deal had a pretty high minimum spend threshold. If you’re not quite sure what the fuss is all about with Bonobos, now’s a good time to take a pair of their pants for a spin. Like their outstanding, made in the USA Travel Jeans. Now even with the 30% off, these aren’t Target or Kohl’s prices by any stretch. But Bonobos has quite the following for good reason. As always, free shipping and free & easy returns.


Club Monaco: 20% off $200, 25% off $250, 30% off $300 w/ CYBER

Club Monaco Cyber Monday 2013 on

Looks like the code is good for 3rd Party merchandise as well. Excellent of them to allow that. Minimum spend threshold is pretty high, so that’s why the picks are on the splurge level. Briefcase + boots are made in the USA. Sunglasses are made in Italy.


DSW: $15 off $75, $30 off $149, $50 off $199 w/ CYBERSHOES

new merc double monk on

This is one of DSW’s tiered sales, so you’ll have to sign up for their email list to use the code. But once you’re signed up, you can also used the code SHIPR for free shipping. It’s the perfect time to pick up a pair of budget, yet still well made (even though they’re glued) Italian Dress shoes… or… well their snot-kickers, but man, those 1000 milers are tempting. Know that this model from the 1k line is “imported” and not made in the USA.


J. Crew: 30% off (exclusions apply) free shipping no min. w/ MONDAY

JCrew Cyber Monday on

Free shipping no minimum = Extra nice for those of us with J. Crew Brick & Mortar stores nearby that don’t carry their entire line (like, slim sweaters, cashmere accessories, suiting, etc…). One slim Merino V-neck or crew-neck sweater is still $55, but a sweater that fits perfectly is worth that extra cost. Lambswool shawl collar is already on sale, as is the cashmere scarf. And while the $5 flat rate shipping isn’t absurd, it is nice to not see that show up at checkout… for at least today.


B.R./GAP: 40% off w/ CYBER

BR Cyber Thermals on

Usual Exclusions again (blazers, suit jackets, BR Picks…) BUT… BR’s newish thermals are worth a look. Don’t be afraid to layer these over a well worn OCBD or a Chambray button up. Just because it has a thermal pattern doesn’t mean it’s long underwear. It’s casual, sure, but much better looking than a worn out hoodie. Code is also good for 30% off at Old Navy as well as Piperlime.


Bloomingdale’s: Take 25% off sitewide (exclusions apply)

Bloomingdales Cyber Monday on

Bloomingdale’s isn’t what most of us would consider affordable. BUT… their house line, “The Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s” is awfully well respected. And digging around in their sale section might be worthwhile, since you can apply the 25% discount to almost all already marked down merchandise. Cashmere is cashmere, so, it’ll still be expensive, but those Italian made Chukkas look solid for a hundred bucks.


EXPRESS: 40% off everything & Free Shipping No Min.

Express Cyber Monday on

Express is up there with Brooks Brothers when it comes to pricey shipping, so for a one-off purchase like a sweater, 40% off + free shipping is most likely going to be a better deal than Friday’s 50% off offer. But as of post time, it looks like the Express website is pretty cleaned out. Not a lot of sizes left in anything.


Amazon: 30% off select shoes $100+ w/ CMSHOE30

Amazon Cyber Shoes on

Eh…. selection is pretty weak on this one. A few nice + plain basics to pick from, and if you’re looking for something a little sleeker than the Allen Edmonds Dalton then there’s the TBNY option above… but otherwise, probably not worth it for most.


Cool Material: 15% off Everything in their shop  

Looking forward to using this once the new year gets underway. Via Word Notebooks. The Cliffs Notes version of… your life. A few lines a day and you’ve got a record of who and what you were. Don’t forget to have the leather cover monogrammed (no extra charge for that). Made in the USA.


Crown & Buckle: 40% off all straps & extras

CandB CM

Many thanks to uvalaw2005 for mentioning in the comments over here that Crown and Buckle is running a fat 40% off all of their straps and extras sale.


JCPenney: 20% off, 25% off $100+, 30% off $200+ w/ CYBERDLS


See… but the “sale” prices have since gone up, so even with the code, stuff like the Stafford Camel Hair Sportcoat actually costs more today ($80) than it had been priced at in recent memory ($63.99). Still a heck of a blazer for eighty bucks.


Brooks Brothers: 10% off sitewide, free shipping no minimum

Brooks Brothers Cyber Monday on

Free shipping no minimum at Brooks Brothers is pretty rare. So even though the overall discount (10%) isn’t that much, keep in mind that shipping at BB is steep. If you’ve had your eye on something on the small-side, price wise today’s not a bad day to make the leap.


Urban Outfitters: $15 off $75, $25 off $100 and $50 off $150 + Free Shipping

Clarks x Horween on

Oooh. That Horween Maroon / Burgundy shade. Giggity. Free shipping no minimum through today too.


Cole Haan: 40% off one Item, 30% off Everything Else w/ CYBER

CH Cyber Monday on

Everything on the CH site is already marked down to 30% off, but one item (your highest price) gets the extra 10% at checkout.


Haberdash: 25% off all sale items w/ CYBERSALE

haberdash rw cyber

Big ol’ hat tip to Ray in the comments. The Beckmans didn’t get the cut on Black Friday because they were already on sale. Now? 25% off drops them to $224.25.


And… others worth mentioning + ongoing deals from last week

Expect updates throughout the day.  What else?  Hit the comments section if you’ve got leads on other Dappered-related Cyber Monday deals.