Bonobos Changes Their Return Policy (again)

And good for them.

From the Mailbag: Bonobos goes from 365 to 90

Long time reader here. I remember that about a year ago you had a post on how Bonobos changed their return policy to 365 days

Just wanted to point out that they have changed their return policy once again to 90 days for a full refund. After that it’s store credit. I actually purchased several pants during their summer sale and just got around to returning them now and it looks like their giving me a hard time for a full refund. Just wanted to give a heads up since you posted about this in the past. 

All the best!



Permission to be totally honest? 90 days is still a ridiculously long grace period to send something back. And with all due respect to Dave and those who side with him, a measly, say… 30 days for a full refund sounds like plenty of time (unless you’ve been deployed or something). But with change there’s going to be collateral damage (like Dave, who was under the impression that he had more time), and Bonobos set the bar awfully high with lifetime returns. But for accounting purposes, it seems like bad form to leave that kind of financial grey area floating around out there. Did we learn nothing when Jerry cashed all those checks from Nana?

There’s a sweet spot for customer service. Lack it totally, and it’s not worth doing business with a company. But if a brand is bending over so far backwards that the butts they’re kissing start to fart in their face, then those of us who don’t abuse those policies probably end up paying in the end.

Who’s gonna pay for all those dusty returns? Certainly not someone who has the gall to return a sweater ten years after they bought it.

So Bonobos has gone from lifetime returns, to 365 day returns, to 90 days for a refund and 365 for credit.

About time.

So how long is too long for a reasonable return policy? And would you use a return policy to its fullest extent if it exists? Leave it all in the comments. Meanwhile, Bonobos has a tiered code sale going on today:  Bonobocil = $10 off 75+ , Bonorphine = $25 off $150+, Hydronobos = $35 off $200+.