10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – Watches, glasses, and dresses?

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Seventy Five dollars. That’s a lot of money. It’ll get you a couple pairs of Levi’s, a nice dinner out, or a couple months at your local gym. Seventy Five dollars. It is a lot of money, especially if you spend it right. Ten picks follow, all for $75 or under, and some of them are much, much less.


1. John W. Nordstrom® Trim Fit Cotton Dress Shirt – $59.90 ($89.50)

Nordstrom Trim Fit Cotton Dress Shirt on Dappered.com

Nordstrom’s house line shirting occupies a nice space. They’re not target cheap, but they’re not inching up on a hundred bucks either when on sale. This one is from their higher house line, the “John W. Nordstrom” collection, and has a nice texture to the all cotton fabric. Is it super slim at the sides? No, but it’s decently trim and you don’t have fabric billowing out from your rib cage. Ships and returns for free.


2. Seiko 5 SNK809 – $49.99

Seiko 5 on Dappered.com

Fifty? Sold & shipped by Amazon? Nice price for a do-anything super-casual automatic. It’s on the small side at 37 -38mm, but it’s a favorite for plenty. Timeless style on this one too. Big fan of the hour & minute hands, and the red tipped second hand. Comes with a black nylon strap, but if you want to replicate the look seen here, they’ve got a black & red striped NATO over at C&B.
photo credit: jasentaja


3. Chipp Neckwear “Look Closely Tie” – $35.00

FU tie on Dappered.com

A charming tie for your next… performance review. 100% silk. 3 1/4″ at its widest point.


4. Lands’ End Canvas Cotton/Cashmere Rugby – $41.40 ($69)

LEC Cotton/Cashmere Rugby on Dappered.com

So it doesn’t look like LEC is completely fading into the night. A new arrival, and it looks like the Canvas line from Lands’ End might have cranked out another outstanding laid-back rugby. Perfect stripes, chambray collar and cuffs, and a soft,95% cotton, 5% cashmere blend. One more way to be relaxed without looking scrubby at home.  It is a hand-wash or dry clean only type of deal, so know that. More of a sweater than a shirt. You’ll need the code GLITTER and pin 4020 to get this price. code is good for 40% off full price items and 20% off items already on sale. Code expires today.


5. Everlane Made in the USA Suede O-Ring Belt – $65.00

Everlane Suede Belt on Dappered.com

Not cheap, but Everlane has quickly made a name for themselves when it comes to producing quality goods all while keeping their supply transparent. This belt is made in San Francisco from deep chocolate suede and polished hardware. Perfect with jeans, and no, you don’t have to wear suede shoes when you wear this thing.


6. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Saucer – $49 for six ($90)

Champagne saucers on Dappered.com

A lot of higher end cocktail bars have switched from martini-style glasses to these things. Traditionally used for champagne (cheers Old Sport, now, get back to working on your crossover) they make an elegant, but still masculine vessel for Manhattans, the Alaska, and all types of cocktails. $50 for six is a nice deal. Final sale though. Sold through GILT.


7. B.R. Slim-Fit Indigo Chambray Button-Down – $41.70 w/ BRGIFT40

BR chambray shirt on Dappered.com

A chambray shirt really does accomplish the high-low thing with blazers and even suits. Problem is finding one that’s not rigid, and can breathe a bit. The new soft-wash indigo chambray shirt from Banana Republic can be layered under a sweater, or worn with a cord blazer to a holiday party. It doesn’t fit super slim, so if you’ve got some bulk on your upper body, know that you won’t be swimming in it, but it shouldn’t be too tight at the same time. BRGIFT40 should be good for 40% off for most, but some might get 45% or 50% off w/ BRGIFT45 and BRGIFT50.


8. American Eagle Lace-Up Boot – $59.97 ($99.95)

American Eagle Boots on Dappered.com

If these look half as good in person as they do online, then they could be a major steal at sixty bucks. Like a mega-affordable option for those that drool over the Red Wing Beckman, but can’t swing that kind of investment right now. Great looking shade of tan. Might become the pair you reach for on the days when the weather has turned to crap.


9. “Merry Mixmas” (Various Artists) – $10.49

Good gravy there’s only so many times you can hear “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” before you want to plunge a candy cane through your cornea. This is the music you want to have playing at a holiday party where the ladies show up in little black dresses & heels, instead of frumpy sweaters and stirrup pants.


10. J. Crew Lambswool Beanie – $24.49 w/ GIFTNOW ($48)

JCREW Lambswool Beanie on Dappered.com

Festive without looking dopey. A cool grey lambswool base with a fair isle like emerald green pattern. But just two colors, and two colors that’ll go with your winter coat whether it’s black or navy. Code is good for 30% off (usual exclusions apply) and free shipping no min. through 12/19.


BONUS For her: B.R. Gemma Printed Wrap Dress – $58.80 w/ BRGIFT40

BR wrap dress on Dappered.com

Ah geeze. Well, yeah. That’s just not fair. Happy holidays.

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