Would you wear it? The new, < $200 Allen Edmonds Dress Boot

These look awfully familiar.

Allen Edmonds McAdam Dress Boot – $197.00 ($295)

Who put the Cronmok in a suit?

This new(?) dress boot option just showed up on the Allen Edmonds website… yet it’s not listed under the “new arrivals.” They’re part of the just launched Allen Edmonds Black Friday Sale, which combines their recent boot & bourbon offers with a few other styles (including the awfully smart looking “Hale” oxford. Perforations without the pinked edges? Looks nice). Now at under $200, is the McAdam a reasonably priced alternative to the super expensive Fifth Street Boot?


wing differences

Notice how the sweep of the McAdam’s wingtip doesn’t reach as far back on the side as the McAllister. Also, it appears there’s less room at the toe for the Medallion on the McAdam boot.

What about the wingtip on this one? It’s just like the Cronmok, and the wing doesn’t pull nearly as far back as on the McAllister. With it being a true-oxford, this leaves a bit more smooth leather no-man’s land on the sides. Also, there looks to be much less room for the toe medallion compared to their other full brogues. Sorta takes some of the sleekness away from it.

But it’s under $200, ships + returns free, and the description says it’s got a rubber tap sole. That’ll come in handy now that ice and snow are starting to show up on the walkways for many. It’s a H. Ford paint job special. You can get in any color you’d like… as long as it’s black. So would you? Or does this model seem to be a little lost in-between the slick 5th street and the more casual Dalton? Leave it all in the comments.