Win it: The Guarded Goods Double Fold Card Holder

No bells. No whistles. Perfect.

Guarded Goods Double Fold Card Holder in Burgundy Chromexcel – $45.00*

You’ll need the code DAPPERED5 to knock $5 off the regular price of $50. Many thanks to Guarded Goods for doing that. 

Man. Shoulda spent more time in the leather-working tent at Summer Camp .

And that’s by no means a disrespectful statement to all the small, made in the USA, leather goods start-ups that have launched in the last couple years. These guys are doing the designing, buying the materials, and often hand cutting and stitching all of this stuff together. And even if the design is simple, that doesn’t mean the execution isn’t outstanding.

Guarded Goods Case

Guarded Goods is the latest one of these outfits to throw their hand-stitched hat in the ring. With just under 20 designs (including possibly the coolest ID Badge laynard replacement ever), they’re certainly small, but they’re making stuff from great materials. They’ll also make something custom for you if you give them an idea as to what you’re looking for.

Their double fold card holder is cut from Horween leather, and the Burgundy Chromexcel seen here is gooey soft. Some of us have eaten steak more rigid than this (Road trip. Years back. Somewhere outside Winnemucca? Maybe it was Barstow. “Steak” sandwich specifically. Everything tasted like cigarettes, especially since the two deputies in the booth behind us were chain smoking. Nice waitress though. Never should have ordered the special.)

Guarded Goods Empty

Just one slot but plenty of room for cards and cash. It’ll most certainly flex and season with age too. Stitching is excellent, and every pass of the Maine Thread Co.’s waxed polycord creates a nice contrast against the leather. Hard not to like the designed scoop in the middle too. Makes it easy to slide cards in and out, without resorting to the usual thumb slot you see everywhere. Case came wrapped in burlap with the founder’s business card inside.

Simple and well made. Should be something you carry with you for a long time, or, would be a fantastic gift for anyone else who wasn’t a natural inside the leather-working tent at camp.

Enter here to win The Double Fold Card Holder from Guarded Goods. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 11/19/13. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Juan R. who who the card holder from Guarded Goods!

Guarded Goods Winit