What would you pay? The Allen Edmonds Mora 2.0 in Bourbon

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Allen Edmonds Bourbon Mora 2.0 – $295.00 ($345)

Here’s a potentially perfect storm for some.

Combine the newish, plenty rich, medium brown “bourbon” shade of leather, with the new rounded toe Mora 2.0 double monk, put it on sale, and… poof!

There goes $300.


Now, they have put five other bourbon styles on sale (the Strand, Fifth & Park Ave.Kenilworth, Mcallister) but a few of these have dipped down to the mid or low $200s during earlier sales this year. But the Mora? Just came out. And while many voiced their displeasure with the chiseled toe on the Neumora… Well with a rounded toe, that’s no…mora the case with these!!!!


Ehhh. Eh-heh. So.

The Mora is also built on a different last than the Neumora, which was another issue that caused consternation on the previous double monk… for some. So previous issues seem to be solved, it’s in the color, and it’s fifty bucks off. More reaction from a reddit user over here.

Bourbon Mora

What would you pay? The Allen Edmonds Mora 2.0 in Bourbon

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