The Suitsupply Online Outlet is OPEN

Suits from $259, blazers from $149. But it's an outlet...<div class="addthis_toolbox addthis_default_style addthis_32x32_style" addthis:url='' addthis:title='The Suitsupply Online Outlet is OPEN ' ><a class="addthis_button_facebook"></a><a class="addthis_button_twitter"></a><a class="addthis_button_email"></a><a class="addthis_button_pinterest_share"></a><a class="addthis_button_compact"></a><a class="addthis_counter addthis_bubble_style"></a></div>

EARLYACCESS = Entry to Suitsupply’s U.S. Online Outlet

Many thanks to Dave, Winston, and Ritesh for the heads up about Suitsupply opening their online outlet. It’s an outlet, so sizes are going to be scattered and stock will probably move pretty fast. At first glance it doesn’t look like they’ve got many standard styles in their suits, (no solid navy in 38 or 40 for example), but there could be some winners when it comes to their blazers and shoes. And returns? It looks like they’re accepting returns on this outlet stuff. For now. Maybe.

You’ll be prompted to put in your sizes once you get in, and at that point they’ll show you what’s available. Here’s a taste of what you can expect for one average size profile:

suit supply selections example

Good luck, and feel free to post up any finds in the comments. Already seen a few jackets in size 38 disappear in the last 10-15 minutes. Leave your thoughts in the comments below…