Amazon’s 30% off Select Watches/Shoes/Clothes Boogie Down

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$100+ Shoes: 30SHOES1Watches: 30OFFNOV | Clothing: NOV30SAV

First and foremost: It’s a coinflip that any of the three codes will work for you.

No one (yet?) has seemed to pinpoint how someone becomes eligible to use them. It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not you subscribe to Amazon Prime or whether you’ve purchased something from Amazon recently. It might be a good idea to log in to your Amazon account once you get over there, but that probably doesn’t make any sort of difference. What you’ll want to do is look for the “30% off” notification on the lower right side of the screen once you get to an individual product. If it’s there? You’re probably good. If it’s not? … Apologies in advance if this is all totally useless to you.

These are “select items” sales, you have to trip a $100 threshold, and the items have to be sold by Amazon. Now, sometimes you’ll get to a product’s page, it looks like you’re eligible for the promotion, you click on your size and… poof. It won’t work. That’s usually because that size is sold out through Amazon… yet a 3rd party seller still has stock. Codes won’t work then. So… lots of pitfalls on this one. Good luck. And thanks to David and Jerry for the tips about the Watches + clothing codes.


Johnston & Murphy Tyndall Cap Half Brogue Boot – $103.60 $129.47 ($185)

Tyndall on

Well that’s just wackadoodle. A hundred bucks? That’s a very nice price for an awfully handsome boot. A warning, these guys run pretty trim. Full review with more pics over this way. Available in a plain toe chelsea for $92.

UPDATE: Looks like they moved these back to full price overnight. 30% off should still work for some, but not as good of a deal as they were yesterday.


Johnston & Murphy Melton in Burgundy – $80.05 ($175)

bordeaux melton on

Arguably the best bang for the buck dress shoe out there. Made in Mexico, Goodyear welt, but the leather is a little shiny and the shape is awfully conservative. THAT SAID… a lot of shoe for eighty bucks. Works plenty well with navy and grey suits.


Red Wing Iron Ranger – $200ish($290) | Beckman Moc – $224 ($320)

Red Wings on

Both tough as nails, both made in the USA, and both… still pricey even with 30% knocked off. But that Beckman Moc in the “Black Cherry Featherstone” color? Oof. For the Iron Rangers… lots of 3rd party sellers there depending on the size, so the code won’t work with those. Seems like the colors/sizes Amazon has in stock end up right around two hundred bucks.


Red Wing 6-Inch Beckman Round Toe Boot – $224.00 ($330)

Beckman non moc on

Meanwhile, for those who don’t want the moc toe. Available in Black, the reddish Black Cherry Featherstone, and this awfully tempting “cigar” shade of brown.


Allen Edmonds Mora 2.0 Double Monk – $241.50 ($345)

Mora 2.0 on

A hundred bucks off a brand new style that many have been itching for? That seems like it’s almost a mistake. Sizes are limited, but, if you’re in the market for a pair of double monks with a rounded toe and not too pointy silhouette, here they be. Meanwhile, the chisel toe Neumora is down to $181.13 as mentioned on Thursday. (Note: This sale also has the crowd favorite Strands and conservative Park Aves. dipping into the mid $200s. That’s good. Not stellar. But good.)


Dalton Boot – $274.24 ($395)

AE Dalton on

Hardly ever on sale. Now more than a hundred bucks off in walnut.


Polo Ralph Lauren Newent Chelsea – $103.95 ($198)

Polo chelsea on

PLAIN. But sometimes, well… lots of times… plain is good. It’s sharp and unpretentious. Only available in black. Made in China, but appears to have a stitched leather sole.


Chippewa Made in the USA 20082 Lug Sole Boot – $90.63 ($171)

Toothy Chippewas on

Defecation punters. Made in the USA. Sole too aggressive for you? There’s a similar, much less toothy option for $111.30.


Florsheim Gaffney – $105.00

Gaffney Crazy Horse on

The Gaffney was the Camlin on HGH well before the Camlin ever sniffed the store shelves at JCP. Shown above is the option in their nice and pliable Crazy Horse Leather. That lug sole is pretty aggressive though (not as aggressive as the Chippewa above, but still). Feel free to wear it on crappy days with jeans and one of them Thompson herringbone sportcoats. And a shirt. you’ll want to wear a shirt. Not wearing a shirt would cause people to talk. Not in a good way.


Cole Haan Air Madison in Tan – $105.49 or Dark Roast Grain – $118.97 ($248)

Nike Air Madison Monk on

Here’s the thing about Cole Haan. Out of the gate, at full retail, they can be awfully overpriced. $250? You can snag a pair of Allen Edmonds on sale for a quarter of a grand. But they DO have a tendency to dip and dip hard. And when they do, despite most of them being made in the great land of “imported”, the quality is actually pretty good (not to a shoe snob of course, but, let them marinate in their hate for shoes <$400). The tan seems out of season. The dark brown does not.


Magnanni Santona Oxford – $128.20 ($395)

Magnanni Santona on

As Frank said in Ocean’s 13… HEHLLOOO! Made in Spain. VERY limited sizes at post time (just 10.5 and 11), But if you’re on a tight budget and need a new pair of brown dress shoes with some sex appeal… then here they are.


Magnanni Villar Double Monk – $207.38($395)

Mag doubles

Meanwhile… lots of sizes left here. Yeesh.


Seiko Sportura Chrono – $158.05($495)

Seiko Sportura on

AKA the Landon Donvan Magazine Ad watch. Sporty as hell (but you’re probably not going to want to wear it while, y’know… playing soccer. Convenient that you can’t see his left arm in that ad). That’s a lot of watch for $158, even if it is a quartz. Chronograph, black ion plated, Seiko’s own Hardlex crystal, and a fast looking leather strap. Already marked down significantly, and the extra 30% off gets it into the target range for plenty.


Bertucci Men’s 12202 Solid Titanium Field Watch – $76.99 ($109.99)

Bertucci Men's Field Watch on

A super lightweight watch that’s up for a beating. 100m water resistance. Might even gain some character if you manage to scratch the mineral crystal. Japanese quartz. Different case shape. A favorite of some.


Timex Intelligent Quartz Linear Indicator Chronograph – $136.50 ($195)

Timex Sport beige chrono on

A new addition to the Timex “Intelligent Quartz” lineup. Instead of a standard round subdial for the minutes, this chronograph has a “linear indicator.” Fancy words for: The little thing goes up a click every time a minute passes. Kinda like an elevator version of the Price is Right Cliffhanger… only there’s not a tragic end when this one hits the top.


Seiko Solar Classic – $77.04 ($195)

Seiko Solar on Dappered. com

Cartier-ish (heavy influence in the “ish”) on a coupon clipping budget. Solar powered. All class.


Hart Schaffner Marx Men’s Parnell Trench – $88.04 – $94.86 ($425)

HSM Trench on

Many thanks to Daniel P. for sending in the style tip on these. He’s a big fan, and the mainly cotton with a little bit of poly & nylon (to keep the water out) fabric should be a winner. $425 retail seems inflated, but these are already heavily discounted and the extra 30% off drops them into double digits. Available in either black (a nice winter option for warmer weather climates) or the standard trench khaki.


Woolrich Northspur Jacket – $118.30 ($169)

Woolrich Northspur on

Heritage name… made in China. Hey, doesn’t mean the quality isn’t going to be good. 66% nylon/34% polyester herringbone water repellent twill. (Meanwhile, if you’re interested in the earthy-looking “Dark Shale” color, you can get it for $105 over at Piperlime with the code MERRY.


Spiewak Yates Windowpane Al-1 Jacket – $210.00 ($300)

Spiewak A1

Not quilted, but instead a wool blend single breasted coat with a window pane pattern to it. Chest high handwarmer pockets, leather accents, and Thinsulate insulation.

Once again here they are. The codes: 30SHOES1 for 30% off select Shoes $100+,  30OFFNOV for 30% off select Watches $100+, and NOV30SAV for select Clothing purchases $100+, expire today, 11/18/13. And remember, the item (and specific size if applicable) must be sold through Amazon for it to work, if it’s going to work at all.