Win it: New Releases from form•function•form

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f•f•f Button Stud Limited Set – $107.10 | Small Package Wallet – $44.20

NOTE: Use the code dappered to get an extra 15% off which makes for those prices shown above. 

Fall. When plants and broadcast television die, and retail production, both big and small, comes to life. Small USA-Made leather goods manufacturer form•function•form has decided to do a “5 for 10” promotion this week, releasing five new styles to start the tenth month of the year. Simple + rugged, terrific looking, and guaranteed to last a hell of a lot longer than “We are Men“, FFF goods have been on many a radar for a while.

From an observer’s perspective, FFF has two flagship products. The Button Stud Weekender, and the Architect’s wallet. So far this week they’ve released a tweak to their button stud + Timex combos, as well as a whole new category of simplified wallets…

FFF Box Set

The Button-Stud limited sets marry one of three newer Timex watches to not one, but three different button stud watch bands: Chromexcel-Black, Predator Tan, & Latigo-Ri. Or, if you’re hungry, well-done, medium, and rare. Shown above is the ultra-light in all black, and that “ultra-light” distinction is deserved. The case is plastic. So if you’re used to wearing an automatic or even a beefier quartz, this thing is going to feel… less than substantial.

Not all Timex Expeditions are created equal, and this seems to be on the lower rung. the military dial is certainly a noticeable step up from here, and then at the top there’s this brass case beast. This guy, while certainly serviceable, is lucky to be working with these bands. On their own, a FFF button stud band runs $48 a piece. $48 x 3 =  $144. With the code, you’re getting the three bands and the watch (with the original nylon strap) for $107.10. So yeah, you’re way ahead there if you want the variety. If you like lightweight watches? All the better. And as a gift set, it’s certainly worth considering. But If you want something with a little more oomph, stick with the stainless steel button stud sport.

FFF Small package

The biggest FFF release so far this week has been their new, smaller wallets. On Monday they launched the 2-pocket Greensleeve. A minimalist wallet that has a slot for cards, and one specifically reserved for cash. The coupe option would be “the small package” seen above. And that’s no insult. Shorter, two stitches, and available in many a Horween leather shade for $44.20 with the code.

small package backside

Super soft and flexible, this thing can hold plenty of cards. Cash too. And if you don’t want the bills sticking out of the top (as seen above for size perspective)… y’know, you can always fold em’ in half again. Or, there’s always a moneyclip.

Who knows, maybe that’ll be FFF’s next project. A leather money clip. Horween of course.

Enter here to win both the Button Stud Ultra-Light set and the Small Package wallet seen above. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 10/3/13.

UPDATE: Congrats to Michael C. who won the drawing for the FFF goods!

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