J. Crew: 25% off no minimum Secret Sale

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SECRET = 25% off at J.Crew no minimum. (exp 10/30)

So SHOPNOW is good for 25% off orders of $150+, but this 25% off no minimum code launched early this morning on the J. Crew Facebook page. So that’s kinda big news, but what’s also somewhat big news is that J. Crew has really tightened the screws on what goods can and can’t have promo discounts applied to them. They’ve gone almost full B.R. when it comes to exclusions.

Used to be suiting and 3rd party stuff. Now, or at least for now, it appears that suiting, 3rd party stuff, shoes (even J. Crew branded shoes) and any outerwear with the word “ludlow” tacked on it are all excluded. So no discount on even the J. Crew MacAlister Boots or Kenton Suede Bucks & Wingtips? Nope. No discount. Sportcoats still get the cut though. Lots to dodge. Off we go.


Ludlow Velvet Shawl Collar Sportcoat – $216.00 ($288)

velvet shawl collar

Hefner-esque. Requires some onions to pull off. Would you? With jeans? How about with grey trousers, a crisp white shirt, and some suede loafers? Might was well just throw a pipe in there at that point right? But it can be done. It could be done. Maybe at the company Holiday party… and you’re the boss?


Lambswool Shawl Collar Cardigan – $111.00 ($148)

lambswool shawl

Easily one of the best looking cardigans out there. But you’ll pay for it, even with the discount. All lambswool, great looking leather buttons, and a sizeable gauge to the knit. One of those sweaters you’ll reach for over and over (and over) again. Just under the $150 “shopnow” threshold, so the SECRET code comes in nice and handy here. Also, if you’re a small or XL, there’s a brown option with elbow patches over in the sale section at post time. Already marked down, and with the code it drops to $82.50.


SLIM Rustic Merino Elbow Patch sweater in Crew or V-Neck – $67.13 ($89.50)

slim rustic merinos

A well appreciated splurge for some. The slimmer fit here is a fantastic upgrade, the real suede elbow patches are nice, and the fabric has a nice texture to it. Lots of colors. Also available in their regular fit in crew or V neck. Want to skip the elbow patches? Their plain Merino Sweaters are down to $54.60.


J. Crew Broadmore Quilted Vest – $103.50 ($138)

J. Crew Vest

Just featured in the best outerwear of the fall post. Fabric is a cotton/nylon blend that keeps the poly-shine you see on puffer jackets knocked down to a minimum. The loft of the quilting is under control too. No life-preserver stuff here. Button tabs on the back allow you to cinch down for a more tailored look + fit. Consider sizing down. Size shown is a small, but a small was just a touch too tight on my frame.


Heathered Chamois Elbow-Patch Shirt in Slim or Regular – $73.50 ($98)

jcrew chamois shirt

Man, that’s a lot for a shirt. But these are super soft and ultra-warm without feeling quite like flannel.


Lambswool “Sweatshirt Sweater” – $56.25 ($75)

lambswool sweatershirt

It’s a whatnow? Ah. A crewneck lambwsool sweater with the styling of a sweatshirt. Probably not going to want to wear this over a bare chest while playing a game of pickup basketball at the Y. But it looks pretty good. Four color options.


Cashmere Plaid Scarf – $82.50 ($110)

Cashmere scarves

Expensive, but not a bad gift if you’ve got a well dressed guy on your list. Blackwatch is an option in there too.


For her: Cashmere Turtleneck – $148.50 ($198)

cashmere turtleneck

Or… if you’ve got a well dressed woman on your list. Cashmere turtlenecks. Yowza.


Ludlow Sportcoats in Herringbone Italian Wool – $246 | English Tweed – $261

ludlow fall wool sportcoats

Believe it or not, these are a pair of the cheaper sportcoats at J. Crew right now. The newest batch of sportcoats are clocking in around the mid $400s – mid $500s before discounts. Ouch. But either of these should get you through the colder months just fine. The Moon Mills English Tweed elbow patch option is probably going to be noticebly thicker than the Italian wool. Maybe. But thicker ain’t always better. The blue English wool option, as sharp as it is, is so thick that it actually feels like it needs some break in time.


Slim Vintage OCBD in “havana blue” – $44.70 ($69.50)

slim vintage ocbd

This shade is already on sale, and the slim fit is spot on for more than a few. Color that’s not going to look out of place in the fall and winter. Something to consider if you’re close to the free shipping threshold (even though J. Crew has kindly dropped their flat rate shipping to $5. Used to be what, $8.95 or something?)


Dock Peacoat – $213.75 ($285)

dock peacoat

Available in olive, navy, and the right-on charcoal grey. A little longer than most peacoats with hand-warmer pockets at the chest, and those two details are worth the extra cash to many. Of course, as always, check your local army navy store for much cheaper Made in the USA options first.


Just-won-the-Lottery-Special: Cashmere Colorblock Sweatshirt – $243.75 ($325)

Cashmere sweatshirt

Looks amazing. Probably feels amazing. But c’mon. A $300+ “sweatshirt”?

Overall, not cheap, right? Seems like J. Crew prices have crept up a bit in the last few months. The 25% off no minimum code SECRET is only good for 48 hours, and should expire on 10/30.