Columbus Day Sales Armada (… handful)

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Leif Ericson got hosed. He beat Columbus to North America by half a millennium, and Christopher gets the day? The Norseman should throw a challenge flag on the field. But it’s not like we’re parading in the streets today (tri-corner hat tip to Vespucci for the namesakedom).  Most of us don’t even have today off.  Columbus Day, in the 21st century, basically means stores have an excuse to throw a sale. Your email inbox gets flooded with promo emails,  but your USPS mailbox will be empty this afternoon. Let’s chart a course through these marked-down waters.

Indochino: Select Items Sale


The Picks: Coal Flannel Suit – $399 ($499), Ink Leather Cashmere Lined Gloves – $59 ($89)

Been awhile since Indochino got a mention. But, once they upped their prices to Suitsupply levels, most guys who can fit into off-the-rack sizes skipped the risk with Indochino (return shipping/small return window) and went with the consistency of Suitsupply. But for those who have had success with Indochino in the past (yes doubters, they are in fact out there) the sale is worth a look. Especially the charcoal suit in flannel for under $400, with the $75 tailoring credit. Nice looking gloves too. Shipping is free, but you’re on the hook for returns.


J. Crew: 25% off & free shipping no min w/ SHOPNOW

JCrew Slim Elbow Patch Sweaters

The Picks: Slim Rustic Merino Elbow Patch Sweater in crew or V-neck – $67.13 ($89.50), Cashmere Scarf – $82.50 ($110)

It’s the free shipping no minimum thing that really registers with many of us. $8.95 flat rate shipping under $175 stings. Especially if you’re looking to get just one of their slim fit sweaters (not all stores carry them). Code + free shipping offer expires today, 10/14. Suiting is excluded, as is outerwear and shoes if purchased online. But blazers are fair game (but man, are they pricey).


Billy Reid: 20% off w/ FRIENDS

Billy Reid Coats

The Picks: Bowery Coat – $580 ($725), Bond Peacoat – $556 ($695), Canvas Laptop Sleeve – $109.60 ($195)

It’s Billy Reid, so it’s pricey, but 20% off is awfully nice if you were planning on laying down some serious cash on a topcoat or peacoat that you’ll be wearing for the next… oh… a really long time. Code expires on 10/20.


Jos. A. Bank: Buy 1 get 2 Free + Free Shipping no Min.

jos a bank hanger

The Picks: Contoured Shoulder Wooden Hanger – $5.00 (if you buy three, so $15 total), Cedar Shoe Trees – $8.33 (if you buy three, so $25 total)

SEXY… right? But really, a big thanks to Corey and Red for sending in the style tip here. Buy 1, get 2 free, and free shipping no min. That can help out big time if you’re trying to amass a good collection of wide shouldered hangers and/or shoe trees. Mix and match here. You don’t need to get all of one thing.


J. Crew Factory: Still 50% off everything.

Factory Camel Topcoat

The Picks: Thompson Topcoat in Camel – $124.00 ($248), Slim Merino V Sweater – $32.00 ($64.50), Thompson Sportcoat in Herringbone or Tweed – $99.00 ($198)

Mentioned in the Thursday handful, but here’s one last reminder. Those Thompson sportcoats really deliver for a hundred bucks. Terrific fit and great fabric on the Herringbone option. The camel topcoat really is a true camel color in person. Not that washed out pale look that’s on their website. It’s a nice mid-weight, and the cut is awfully good… but the covered placket won’t be a home run with everyone. It has a tendency to splay open just a bit. Not a deal breaker for most, and worth the $124 with the half off sale, but still worth noting.


BONUS Bonobos: The Discovery Collection

Bonobos Explorer Collection

Bravo on the price Bonobos. Also, very well reviewed. (Meanwhile, travel jeans are $20 off through tonight w/ WEEKENDTRAVEL)

Also worth a mention (now, with bullet points!)