5 Favorites – Megan from Style Girlfriend

Five favorites from a favorite of ours.

5 Favorites from Megan Collins of StyleGirlfriend.com

megan from SGSure it’s just stuff.  But stuff can make life easier, more enjoyable, etc…  Every so often we ask one of our favorite people to rattle off their five favorite things. You never know when one of their favorites might become a new favorite of yours.

“Guy’s style from a Girl’s perspective.” It started as a newspaper column, and for the last 2+ years, Megan has been generously handing out men’s style advice from a woman’s perspective on her website. Her wit, tact (guys love a woman with tact, especially when it comes to us men taking some fashion risks), and creativity have helped countless fellas understand what the other side of the chromosome fence is seeing in our clothes.

Even though Dappered is a men’s style site, we asked for her own personal favorites, and she kindly provided them. 


#1. Nike Fly Freeknit – $160.00

Nike Freeknit

“I’ve been training for my second half-marathon, so these bad boys are on my feet four mornings a week. I was worried they wouldn’t be supportive enough because they’re so lightweight, but now I can’t imagine running in anything heavier.”


#2. Harry’s Winston Set – $25.00

harrys winston

“This is technically for guys, but it’s a side effect of the gig that I often wind up sampling from the other side of the store, as it were. These sets, from the same brains behind taking-over-America’s-eyeballs Warby Parker, come in lovely packaging (developed by Spade and Partners). You get a great shave without nicking your wallet. Sleek design and ridiculously amazing customer service included. Lather up.”


#3. Homepolish decorating session, $50.00

“I’m a little obsessed with “champagne design on a beer budget” decorating service Homepolish. I often work from home and one day looked at my office space and realized it was totally…blah. So I partnered with a Homepolish designer to upgrade my space, and it’s made a stupidly big difference in my happiness levels when working.”


#4. Paul Smith wool coat – $925

Megans coat

“If there’s a better reason to be a girl than getting to wear this obnoxiously bright pink coat from Paul Smith through the dreary winter months, I don’t know what it is.”


#5. A guy in a great suit: Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Suit Jacket + Pant – $648

Megan BB Red Fleece

“Every guy needs one great suit in his closet. For my money, it’s a grey one (next comes navy). After all, studies* have shown that sporting a perfectly tailored number like this one can perform more effectively than an actual human wingman. I love this version, from Brooks Brothers more youthful “Red Fleece” collection. 

 *No studies have shown this, but really, just trust me.”

You can find more editions of 5 Favorites in the archiveTop “5” Photo Credit: G. Bangsmoen