5 Favorites – Andrew from Electrogent

Five favorites from a favorite of ours.

5 Favorites from Andrew, Editor-in-Chief of Electrogent.com

Andrew from ElectrogentSure it’s just stuff.  But stuff can make life easier, more enjoyable, etc…  Every so often we ask one of our favorite people to rattle off their five favorite things.  This is the stuff they’d grab if the house was burning down.

Andrew founded Electrogenta men’s interest, grooming, and lifestyle website in 2011 because he apparently didn’t have enough to do at law school. His site explores the classic notions of manliness, with an aptitude for variety. In early 2013, while nearing the end of his law school studies, he decided he still didn’t have enough to do, and took on the role of Grooming Correspondent here at Dappered.

He has since taken the bar and is now practicing law. He thinks he might have enough to do now. Maybe.


#1.  Richer Poorer Socks – $15.00

andrew socks

“Yes, 12 bones for a pair of socks is a bit steep. However, these are the most perfectly-fitting socks I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting on my feet. They’re made specifically for a right and left foot, so they’ll hit the curvature of your feet in the most satisfying of ways.”


#2.  J. Crew Leather iPhone Case – $15.00 w/ EXTRA40

jcrew iphone case

“This bad boy is my workhorse, and my personal case has aged perfectly. A few months of use and the leather gets darkened and smooth, just like a nice aged wallet. I’ve tried other cases out of curiosity, but I always come back to this one.”


#3.  Stone Brewing IPA

“If you’re not into hops, stay away. For those of us who can’t get enough of them, come near. Stone IPA is in my top three favorite beers of all time, and it’s just another great offering from the Stone brewery.” 


#4. Bombay Cats

andrew spooky

“I recently adopted a Bombay cat from a local shelter on a whim, and she is instantly one of my favorite cats I’ve lived with in my whole life. Bombays are great for everyone—people who might not like cats as much will enjoy their dog-like friendliness, and cat lovers will find the breed’s unique meowing and incessant curiosity endearing. No list of my 5 favorite things would be complete without my new cat, ‘Spooky.’


#5. “Amok” – Atoms for Peace – $9.99

Andrew Amok

“This album is one of my favorites of the year, and probably comes close to top 10 of all time. Radiohead fans will find this album instantly familiar, as Thom Yorke’s fingerprints are all over this album. “Amok” has something for everyone.”

You can find more editions of 5 Favorites in the archiveTop “5” Photo Credit: G. Bangsmoen