The Playlist – September 2013

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Music is a little like food and clothes. These are areas where it’s probably worthwhile for one to explore & expand their tastes. The Playlist is assembled each month by Dappered’s very own music correspondent, Tim Johnstone. Tim is a former Virgin Records Label Rep & current award winning Program Director at KRVB, which was awarded the FMQB AAA station of the year markets 50+. You can also catch his work on Fridays when he assembles the Weekend Dossier

Arcade Fire – “Reflektor”

BAM! Arcade Fire + James Murphy (LCD Sound System) + David Bowie = home run. This is most welcome. It is also just a little bit surprising as it marks a definite tweak in the band’s sound. Bringing in Anton Corbin to direct the video is just brilliant. There are a lot of haters out there when it comes to these guys and the video is just going to set them off.


Paul McCartney – “New”

The seemingly ageless original boy band member delivers his most Beatlesesque track in forever with this Mark Ronson produced gem. Magical Mystery Tour redux. This is pert near perfect pop, this is.


Haerts – “Wings”

This New York based band (with members from Germany, Britain and America) mines an 80’s Europop sound with occasional goth attributes. This easily could have been included on any John Hughes soundtrack back in the day. And they pull this off live which is always impressive.


TV On The Radio – “Mercy”

It’s been a long three years since Nine Types of Light, which was released just nine days before their bassist died of lung cancer. It’s awfully good to hear these guys again. Thanks for bringing back the wall of guitars and the angst fellas. It was missed. And there’s this too.


Satellite – “Say The Words”

This is the kind of big, reaching-for-the-rafters music that usually comes courtesy of bands from across the pond. In this instance the band is homegrown, Brooklyn based, fronted by Steven McMorran who pours everything he has into his song writing and live performances. They are spectacular live.


NoNoNo – “Pumpin Blood”

This ridiculously catchy ear worm comes courtesy of a Swedish trio who understand the power of a massive hook, moody vocals, propulsive beats and a little distortion. Also, whistling. Tons of whistling.


The Head & The Heart – “Shake”

Seattle’s Sub Pop darlings give us a taste of their upcoming CD Let’s Be Still via this warm and friendly harmony laden track. Can’t wait to hear the whole album.


Pet Shop Boys – “Axis”

Thirty years on, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe continue to create vital dance music, always with a sense of style and often, humor. Their new album Electric is their best in some time.


Volcano Choir – “Byegone”

This is something. It is grand and sweeping. It is expansive and introspective. And it’s lovely. Justin Vernon has a hand in this group consisting of members of  Collections of Colonies of Bees and All Tiny Creatures but I prefer it to most of his Bon Iver work. I understand this is practically blasphemous. But there it is.


Cayucas – “High School Lover”

For those of you who prefer an endless summer, this band from California’s central coast should make you happy. Their latest album Bigfoot is full of beach friendly summer indie rock. You might recognize “High School Lover” if you’ve been watching the NFL as Verizon has been using this track in their media blitz.

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