The Best of Burgundy and Red

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Haven’t seen this much wine since Mrs. Dappered threw a Pampered Chef party. Hello… Ladies. Deep shades of red like Burgundy, Merlot, and Currant are…. uh… currently everywhere. Take Nantucket red, dim the lights (again, Hello… Ladies), and you get the color that brands and retailers are going gorilla turds for. You don’t even need to be a practicing dandy to pull it off. Just remember that the darker the shade, the easier it is to wear. And like almost all other clothing “risks”, anchor it with some favorite, subtle stuff, and you’ll be good.


Uniqlo Cord Blazer in Wine – $69.90

Uniqlo wine blazer

VERY dark. Like a smoking or evening jacket so casual you can wear it with jeans. It says it’s lined in poly, but that’s just the sleeves. The back and body are unlined. A little long in the arms, but the buttons are non functioning. Size shown here is medium. It comes up a little short with the cupped hands test on my own 5’10” frame. Base of the collar to the tail looks to be about 27.5″. Could be longer, but, not a deal breaker for most of us average or shorter guys. Going to need some tailoring at the sides for most, but once it gets dialed in with the waist and the sleeves, could be a real winner.


Suitsupply Copehagen Sportcoat – $399.00

suit supply red jacket

Really, REALLY expensive for a totally unstructured jacket. Here’s to hoping this one lasts most of the season, and it ends up quietly on sale like some of their summer blazers did.


LEC Straight Fit Moleskin Pants – $27.99 ($70) w/ GRAND & 2055

LEC moleskin chinos

Moleskin is like matte velvet with a crewcut. The nap is much, much shorter, and it has a very soft, almost suede-like feel. But it’s still cotton, and it’s a perfect fabric for fall. Nice price on these with the F&F Code and pin. GRAND and 2055 expires Tuesday, 10/1.


Mossimo Athletic Fit Thermal – $17.99 | Athletic Fit Tee – $9.99

Mossimo shirts

A new arrival and an old favorite. Stripes on a waffle, trim fit-thermal mix it up just enough. Might be a good time to see how your basic t-shirt collection is holding up, since we’re entering layering season. It’s awfully hard to beat the fit, durability, and price combo of the Mossimo athletic tees. You don’t want to layer these two together. That gets right up close to some “matchy-matchy” territory.


form•function•form Architect’s Wallet in deep burgundy #8 chromexcel  – $100


The guys at FFF have been busy. Lots of new colors, lots of new designs… and more to come. Like, tomorrow. With a giveaway.


BR Italian Wool Fair Isle – $98.50 | French Connection Donnegal- $65 ($128)

BR Fair Isle Crew and FCUK Shawl

A plain, deep red V-neck is just fine too, but for some reason, those darker shades of red seem to work awfully well with sweaters that are just a little bit left of center. The Fair Isle pattern is muted on the BR option, it’ll always be on sale, and the Italian wool blend they use is strong with a nice texture. Careful with the French Connection sweater… it’s sold by Gilt, so, returns are for credit only.


Worn & Wound Model 1 Horween Strap in Crimson – $89.00

WWW Watchstrap

NOT cheap… but… something else. Made in NYC from oiled Cavalier Horween leather. Available in 20 or 22mm widths. A fat, contrasting black keeper that looks incredibly good with the black PVD hardware option. Also available with matte silver hardware. Maybe something to ask Santa for.


Johnston & Murphy Melton in Burgundy – $86.44 w/ 30OFF100 ($175)

bordeaux melton

Arguably the best bang for the buck dress shoe out there just got mega cheap thanks to a 30% off $100+ select shoes Amazon code 30OFF100. Made in Mexico, Goodyear welt, conservative shape. Won’t go wrong in the office. Works plenty well with navy and grey suits.


Brooks Brothers Burgundy + Green Striped Ribbon Belt – $36.00 ($48)

BB Belt

Now 25% off thanks to the F&F sale that ends today. The summer belt staple toned down for fall. Great shades of red + green, topped off with the rounded rectangles for a buckle.


Nordstrom Rail Trim Fit Crew – $32.00 (or 2 for $50)

trim fit crew

Looks like Nordstrom is doing a new buy more / save more strategy with a couple of their basics. Cotton/poly crew that claims a trim fit. Ships and returns free. Lots of other colors. Don’t be afraid to layer this sucker over an OCBD.


Bridgeport Kingpin Double Red Ale


It’s one of the best things about the fall… the return of all the red and imperial red beers. Some are in stock all year round, like the worth seeking out Kingpin Double Red from Oregon’s Bridgeport. Sold in six packs and perfect for a cool fall afternoon. If you’re looking to spend a little more on something you’ll spend some time with, try to get your hands on a bottle of Pursuit of Hoppiness from Grand Teton. Fantastic stuff.


Bar III Wool Blend Slim Fit Suit – $250 – $270ish

bar III burgundy suit

Whoa. Would you? Under $300, appears to be pretty muted… but it’s still a red suit. 51% polyester/49% wool fabric. Poly Rayon blend for the lining. Fused, but a true trim fit from one of the better Macy’s house brands.  It’s Macy’s, so, it’ll always be on sale. Requires a bit of  Gosling-esque chutzpah to pull off.


Bar III Carnaby Donegal Slim Fit Sportcoat – $139.99 ($350)

bar iii donegal

MUCH easier to pull off. Item description claims the fabric is… cotton? A marled donegal cotton?


Red Wing 9010 Black Cherry Featherstone – $247.50 ($330)

Red Wing Featherstone

Also on sale thanks to the Brooks Brothers F&F 25% off sale. Just might be the Christina Hendricks of work boots. Also, hat tip to the Red Wing Beckman. Not on sale, and steep at $330, but here’s to hoping the Black Cherry goes on sale at Nordstrom next year during their Anniversary Sale.

Your turn guys. What should have made this quick list that didn’t? Leave it all below.