25% off no minimum at J. Crew

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SHOPFALL = 25% off Almost Everything at J. Crew

This is a rarity. There are three types of codes that J. Crew generally runs. In order of the frequency with which they appear:

  1. An extra 30% off sale items (often labeled “final” sale items in the graphics, but code applies to all sale)
  2. 25% off $125+ or some other steep must-spend threshold
  3. 25% off  no minimum.

And we start the week with #3. A rare sale at the very beginning of a new season. Free shipping kicks in at $100. As is almost always the case, this won’t work on suiting. BUT… it does work on blazers. Which is huge.


Ludlow Sportcoat in English Wool – $246.00 ($328)

Ludlow blue thick

More on this later in the week during the annual best blazers of the fall roundup. Insanely thick (going to be too thick for some), nubby wool from the U.K.’s Moon Mills. Not some wispy number. A rich blue hue. Ticket pocket. A splurge, but a blazer you’ll wear all fall and winter long. One drawback to the thickness of the wool: it doesn’t drape real well, and most are going to need some tailoring off the rack. Non-functioning sleeve buttons as always.


Ludlow Elbow Patch Sportcoat in English Tweed – $261 ($348)

ludlow elbow patch blazer

Minus one ticket pocket, + 2 elbow patches. Mighty fine light grey shade as well. Also worth noting that they’re now making many of their blazers in a 34 short for the guys who are built lean, mean, and low to the ground.


Ludlow Sportcoat in Herringbone Italian Linen – $187.49 ($348)

Sportcoats in linen

When’s the last time a non-cotton Ludlow sportcoat dipped below $200? The thing about J. Crew’s linen sportcoats is that they’re pretty heavy, and can certainly be worn year round. The navy looks especially good with jeans if you’re into the blue on blue thing. That charcoal on the left, along with the herringbone pattern of the fabric gives off a bit of a tweed look without the scratch. From the sale section, so you could wait for an extra 30% off sale to roll around, but who knows if the sizes will still be there.


Cotton-Cashmere Sweater – $52.13 ($69.50)

bold stripe sweater

Still plenty pricey for a crewneck sweater, but the fabric is something else. Caught this in-store the other day, and if memory serves (fingers crossed) there was something like 10% cashmere in the blend. Not the 2% – 5% cashmere you find in other brand’s “cotton cashmere” sweaters. Pretty sure it was in the double digits. It was substantial enough that when I picked it up, it felt soft enough that I went searching for the tag. Great colors too.


Abingdon Laptop Bag – $58.50 ($98)

Laptop bag

For those with the Filson Original Briefcase as their goal, but need something on the cheaper side to get them between here and there. Also available in a couple shades of khaki. A new addition to the sale section.


Broadmore Quilted Cotton Jacket – $148.50 ($198)

quilted jacket

Yep, cotton instead of nylon or poly. A quilted jacket with a softer matte finish.


Slim Straight Garment Dye Jean – $29.99 FINAL SALE ($108)

slim straight garment dye

A 5-pocket with the saturated look of garment-dye. Final sale so be careful here.


Ludlow Fine Stripe in Japanese Cotton – $141.00 ($188)

A warning: These don’t come in exact chest sizes. If a 38R fits you perfectly, a medium is going to require some tailoring. Still a really good casual but plenty polished option for heading out in.


Abingdon Travel Kit – $33.38 ($58)

abingdon dopp

Actually saw this in person the other day at a brick & mortar. It’s surprisingly substantial feeling. Good size too. J. Crew bags + accessories aren’t viewed as super durable by some, but this one seems better than it’s now on double sale price of $34.


Charcoal Ludlow Blazer in Double Vent – $224.99 ($388)

Ludlow Charcoal Handful

Not a lot of sizes left, but this grey wool blazer somehow manages to not look like an orphaned suit jacket. Some disagree with that statement, but the slim lapels, minimal shoulders, and lower slung button stance keeps it from looking like you jacked a 3-button hard shouldered 1990s era suit jacket from a thrift store, only to wear it with jeans.


Lightweight Chino in Urban Slim Fit – $14.99 FINAL SALE ($75)

lightweight in urban slim

Maybe a pair of pants to pick up as a free-shipping balance tipper? Now mega cheap. The “cool waterfall” color shown here is different, but not mint-green different. A summer weight fabric that you can still wear for the next couple of months if not more. Urban-slim is a true slim, so, thick legged fellas be warned. No returns either.


Dock Peacoat – $213.75 ($285)

dock peacoat

Now in olive and navy along with the right-on charcoal grey. A little longer than most peacoats. Handwarmer pockets at the chest. Of course, as always, check your local army navy store for much cheaper Made in the USA options first.


SOMETHING TO KEEP AN EYE ON: Ludlow in Italian Pique Jacket + Pant – $329.98

ludloq in pique

Hang on. Might not want to pick this up just yet. Lots of sizes available in the charcoal color, and it’s hanging out in the sale section. Problem is… suit jackets are excluded from this sale. If, and it’s a big if, the jackets stick in the sale section until the next extra 30% off sale items code (when on-sale-suiting is up for grabs), you’d be looking at $245 for the set. And it’s a set you could very likely break up and wear with other pieces if you’d like.

The 25% off w/limited exclusions code SHOPFALL is good clear through this week and into next. Expiration is Wednesday September 25th 2013. It’s also going on in-store as well.