10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – Suede, Whisky, & Football

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Seventy Five dollars. That’s a lot of money. It’ll get you a couple pairs of Levi’s, a nice dinner out, or a couple months at your local gym. Seventy Five dollars. It is a lot of money, especially if you spend it right. Ten picks follow, all for $75 or under, and some of them are much, much less.


1. Wallin + Bros. Cotton Sportcoat – $74.98 ($150)

nord sportcoat

Sold by Nordstrom, so it has a lot going for it. Specifically: The quality should be solid, and it ships and returns free. One reviewer said it doesn’t fit so trim (despite being labeled a trim fit) so consider ordering a size down if you’re inbetween? Looks like a much more polished, less rumpled version of the Kensington from Target. Partially lined.


2. Black Joe Lewis: Electric Slave – $9.49

Compared to the two previous releases, there’s less bounce on this record. More… crowbar upside the head here. But it’s still Black Joe Lewis. Songs like “Skulldiggin‘” & “My Blood Ain’t Runnin’ Right” sound downright dark for this group who can make even the most ardent wallflowers sweat a pond on the dance floor. But at their core, despite the name change, these guys still might be the best bang-for-your-buck out there both in recorded and live form. If they’re playing in your city, maybe make an effort to get there. Chances are the venue will be small, packed, and one wild ride for the evening.


3. Banana Republic Colorblock Crew – $45.18 w/ BRSHOP35 ($69.50)

br colorblock crew

This colorblock thing just won’t go away will it? And for good reason, since they’re making non-clashing pieces like this casual crewneck from Banana Republic. 60% extra fine merino wool, 40% acrylic. That actually might make for a super soft but strong combo. Haven’t seen BR use that blend before. A newer arrival. UPDATE: These are all but sold out. Weird.


4. Aston Grey Dien Suede Lace Up – $79.95

AG suedes

A tad over $75, but they ship free with SHIPR if you sign up for their emails. Big hat tip to dackman in the comments over here for pointing out that these could quite be the BR Owen, just with a different brand and model name on em’. Word is they run large. More on the BR Owen (when it was called the Jarret) over here.


5. GAP Striped Web Belt – $19.95

GAP slider belt

One of the better, ultra-inexpensive purchases to hit the personal wardrobe in awhile. Five color/stripe combos and dirt cheap when you use codes. Perfect for tipping a free shipping balance. And believe it or not, it’s made in the USA.


6. The Timex T4987 Series in Black or Brown – $40ish

Timex Expeditions

These are the leather band versions of the nylon strap option. Black on grey on the left, brown on brown on the right. They feel good and durable in your hands as well. Slightly-oversized crowns and a perfect for many 42mm in diameter. Note: The black is over here and sold out. Patiently awaiting new stock for that mean looking $40 bugger.


7. A flag football set – $16.10 (for a 5 on 5 kit)


Even though we’re coming off one of the best televised sports weekends in recent memory… it’s good to remember that getting a group of friends together for a game, like actually PLAYING a game, is one of the best ways in the world to spend a weekend afternoon. Most of us just don’t do it enough. Get 10 – 20 friends together. You want friends who like to be active, but don’t take keeping score too seriously. Play flag football one Saturday or Sunday afternoon a month. Rotate parks in your city. The person who’s place is the closest to the park can host beers afterward if they’d like (canned beers of course, it’s flag football). Need cleats? Check places like Ross and TJ Maxx for cheap, entry level brand name cleats. And make sure you stretch. Stopping, starting, and running all-out on grass can take a hell of a lot out of your legs.  Photo Credit: Dazyair Art & Photography


8. American Eagle Contrast Sweater – $37.46 ($49.95)

AE sweatshirt duo

For being a store that most of us feel like we’re a little too old for, AE has been cranking out some solid casual pieces lately. Should come down with codes. A glance and a zoom doesn’t seem to show a visible logo, so… here’s to hoping.


9. Wiser’s 18 Year Canadian Whisky – $50 – $60

wisers 18

Gently spiced kindling. And that’s a good thing. Bad Canadian whiskey can be too much everything. This is a pile of subtle. Aged for 18 years, a kinder “just” 40% alc./vol., and while an investment, it pays off if you’re into (or getting into) Canadian whiskys.


10. Just different enough gloves: $39.90$69.00

different gloves

Two examples here. The first is from Zara with navy corduroy tops and goatskin palms. Sharp. $39.90. Ships and returns free. The second pair are from Orvis and can be personally vouched for. They’re unlined but the lambskin keeps your fingers warm enough in cool to moderately cold temps. Ventillated fingers, but they don’t have the big traditional knuckle holes most driving gloves carry. Great tan shade as well.


BONUS: Tretorn Suede Sneakers in Sundown Brown – $62.96 ($94.95)

Tretorn fall suedes

Already been mentioned a few times, but those just might be the best looking pair of sneakers in an autumnal hue… ever. Maybe. Ships and returns free via Nordstrom.

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