Win it: The $35 Automatic Watch?

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Jaragar “6 Hands” Automatic – $33.58*

*Price at post time on, who’s fulfilling the purchase from a 3rd party seller.

What is this, reader un-appreciation week? Hang on. Despite the dirt cheap price tag, this thing actually looks and feels like something that costs more than half a tank of gas. And it’s fulfilled by Amazon, so it ships from them and you send it back their way for returns. Not bad if you have Prime.

The styling is actually pretty classy. Not everyone will love the font on the numerals (gettin’ a little curvy there), but the watch as a whole is suit worthy. The textured dial makes it look more expensive than it is, all of the hands are a nice shade of blue, and the silver logo blends in just enough so… you can’t really tell who makes it.

Jaragar DialNot bad, even up close.

Nope, this isn’t a chronograph. You’re stunned, I know. Those pushers on the side adjust the sub-dials at 9 and 3 o’clock. The subdial at nine is actually a day of the week indicator (1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, and so on) and the dial on the right is for the date. Nice that these dials actually function, instead of being just there for decoration. The sub dial at 6 is military time, and is locked in sync with the time of the main hands.

35 dollar watch backsideBlank. Almost expect to see the words: “Your Ad Here” engraved somewhere.

Water resistance is listed at 30m on Amazon. Crystal is listed as “glass”. … ‘kay. Diameter is 41mm and wears nicely on a medium sized wrist. The band claims to be Genuine Leather and is flexible out of the box. And speaking of the box… this thing comes in a box that’s a bit larger than a coaster and not that much taller. It’s labeled as such on the outside:

Mechanical what now“Do you have the time?” “Yep, it’s half past my rectum.”

Note to Amazon. Don’t abbreviate the word “analog” into “anal.” In fact, don’t put the word “Anal” on anything. You never know who’s going to open the box from Amazon that was just delivered. Thanks.

So would you? Would you take a $35 flyer on this for craps and guffaws? Or would you rather just go with a Timex and call it good? Leave it all in the comments below.

Enter here to win this $35 Automatic Watch. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 8/21/13. Dappered makes no guarantees that this thing will survive the shipping trip in working fashion. But that’d be sweet if it did, and the winner could send in a quick email when the thing dies on him or her if they’d like.

Update: Congrats to Colin D. who won this Jaragar $35 automatic. 

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