What would you pay? Carucci Automatic Watches

Automatic regulators for $120, but far from risk free.

Carucci Watches via Gilt: $119 FINAL SALE

These have been popping up on Gilt in the last few months… but nowhere else.

A little bit of digging on the interwebs seem to have produced the following information:

  • Some of these may use Japanese Miyota movements, some use Chinese movements.
  • Gotta think they’re assembled in China
  • They appear to be based in Germany, but they have a US site too.


Carucci regulators


And while some of their styling is pretty loud, they do make some awfully sharp looking regulator/regulateur watches (read: the minute + hour hands are on different dials). Some of their watches even have power reserve indicators. Not necessarily a sign of quality, but an extra feature you don’t always find on cheap autos.

Sold through Gilt and all of these appear to be final sale. So no returns. Not that Gilt has a friendly return policy even if they were up for returns. Anyone own one? Thoughts? And what would you pay under these circumstances?

What would you pay? Carucci Automatics

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