Style Scenario: The first day it cools off

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes there’s an easy answer. Sometimes not. Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Fall is one of, if not the best time of year, especially when it comes to style. Here’s one suggested outfit for that first day it actually feels (relatively) cool outside, and you want to wear a few darker layers, yet not end up in a pool of sweat. And no, this hasn’t happened here yet either. But a guy can dream.

Dappered Style Scenario first cool day

The Blazer: Uniqlo Washed Cotton Jacket – $69.90.  Go with whatever navy cotton jacket you have in your arsenal. Could be the Merona Kensington, the Claiborne Smooth mini-peak, a Thompson Chino suit jacket… whatever. A lighter weight wool is fine too, but brass buttons would look a little stuffy up against the jeans.

The Shirt: J. Crew Factory Slim Washed Shirt in “Summer Plum” – $39.50 ($52.50). Hang out for a code and this’ll get down to the $20s or low $30s. A lavender shirt would work here too, but that pink on white strip keeps one foot anchored in our current season, while the darker blazer and denim push on forward.

The Jeans: Levis 514 Straight Fit in “vip” – $33.60 w/ DENIMEVENT. Lighter-wash jeans attempted a comeback this year. You don’t have to be on-board with pale-blue denim to wear a greyish-blue tint like these. Also an option: That pair of jeans in the back of your closet you’ve washed so many times you eventually replaced them with a newer, darker pair.

The Shoes: Zara Suede Double Monk – $99.90. If they’re anywhere as nice as the single monks from this summer, then they’ll be worth the $100. Ships and returns free. Those Spanish made single monks are still going strong and continue to be quite comfortable.

The Bag: Zara “Retro” Brief – $159.90Made from “Buffalo Leather”. Really? This could either be a steal, or a plasticky looking night terror. Good thing it ships and returns free. And yes, you’re mixing brown and black leather/suede here. So what? It’s a work bag. Don’t worry about matching your work brief to your outfit.

The Belt: Banana Republic Brown & Black Braided Belt – $34.65 @ 30% off. The thing about resurrecting something kinda-lame from the past (like woven belts that went real well with Dad-Jeans on Pops) is putting a slightly slicker spin on it. That works here with the multi color take.

The Sunglasses: Lacoste L608S – $66.99Mid-priced sunglasses are not easy to find. Luckily, these pull just enough retro influence with the keyhole bridge, have a good size at 53mm, and can be had in the $60s. Yeah, there’s some branding on the side, but at least it’s a decent (but not crazy snooty for sunglasses) brand like Lacoste.

The Watch: Laco Type B Pilot Watch – $363.36Busier than the Type A seen here. A dependable German brand, that uses a just as dependable Miyota movement in their less expensive watches (like this one). Too pricey? Try the new Citizen Eco-Drive. Prefer something smaller and Swiss? There’s always the Hamilton Khaki Field.

Top Photo Credit: Andy Melton