Reader Appreciation Week 2013 Wrap Up…

It's all over! No more appreciation! Wait, what?

Well that was fun.

Some congratulations are certainly in order. A hearty virtual handshake goes out to…

And again, can’t say thanks enough to the people who provided all of the thank-you gifts this week: Anne from across the pond and Christopher Ward of London, our fantastic, long-time contact Kaleigh and the rest of the team at Allen Edmonds, Jimi (he’s the man… man) and Sarah at Saddleback, the perpetually awesome Eric at ratio/clothing, and Kaitlyn & Erin at Bonobos (what could possibly be higher in rank & skill at Bonobos than a Ninja? Whatever it is, they’re it).

Y’know what all of those companies have in common? They didn’t have to participate in Reader Appreciation Week. Far from it. But they did. Without hesitation.

To put a cap on it and prevent this from looking like we’re fishing for compliments, comments are closed on this one. Thanks again fellas. Carry on. And here’s to R.A.W. 2014.

More about them thank you cards at the top can be found over here.