Libations, highbations, and the somewhat sad truth about a favorite thing.

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You’ll want a little more detail I would imagine. Here you go.

CHEERS REDUX: I can’t think of one thing I don’t like about this. Also, now I’m thirsty. And he’s totally right.

HUNT & PECK? There are few things I miss more than a typewriter, at least from a tactile sensory perspective. So I’m completely fascinated by this look at the one industry that still relies on them.

WAIT, WHAT? This is a thing? Feeling pretty sheltered right about now.

PICK YOUR POISON: Just know what you’re getting into?

SPEAKING OF THINGS: In the world of specialized consumer knock-off’s, this is pretty notable. Also, what the hamburgers?

BUYER BEWARE: If you are a sushi fan, this is probably not good news. 

VACATION COMING UP? This might be worth a look see. Suddenly my weekend is in peril.

LONDON GLOBBING: Fish and Chips. Contains my favorite new phrase.


gazelle.sweaterset dappered.mallard

I want them all.

IT’S ABOUT TIME: If this actually works and doesn’t require a modicum of effort, then, uh, hooray. Then again, they need to get to work on that selection.

EDITORIAL OF THE WEEK: This seems sensible to me. Some backstory here.

I DID NOT KNOW THAT: You know how sometimes knowing something about one of your favorite things ruins the magic of said thing? This is one of those times. Sigh.

INCOMING: Can’t get here soon enough.

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