Keep or Return? – These Wolverine 1000 mile 2nds

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Wolverine 1ooo Mile Boots (2nds Quality) – $160 – $171* via STP ($370)

You’ll need the code ALAUG3 which delivers 30% off orders of $200+ through 9/4/13. There’s often 35% off codes floating around too. Sierra Trading Post was listing these Wolverine 1000 Mile boots as an exclusion on all codes for a good long while, but recently lifted that exclusion. That, of course, can change. Sizes and colors are limited.

In retail, “2nds quality” means the product has suffered some sort of noticeable factory defect. Think “Scratch and Dent sale”. Usually aesthetic blemishes, these defects don’t often impact the overall structural integrity of the product. Sierra Trading Post got a batch of 2nds quality Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots a few months back, and there was a run on them when they first appeared. With a 30% or 35% off code, a pair was dropping into the mid $100s. A steal for a legendary boot both in terms of style and quality.

But STP started to exclude them from codes shortly after their debut. A month or so went by, and now it seems like you can use some codes on them again (ALAUG3 is working as of post time). People have started to jump on these again. It’s an astoundingly low price for such a high quality of a boot, and they’re not final sale. You can return them. Plus, some of the defects/blemishes are barely noticeable, but you just don’t know how noticeable they’ll be until you open the box. For example:

wolverine 2ndsIt’s the major burr seen to the left that’s at issue.
The small scuffing on the edge to the right? No big deal.

Dammit. Ouch. Looks like a nasty gash that’s scabbed over. And it just HAD to be dead center on top of the vamp huh? Bulls-eye. Of course, not all of these 2nds will have blemishes this noticeable. In fact, over on threads you can see how others made out with their STP Wolverine 2nds purchases. This pair of Addison Wingtips seem to be the exception when it comes to notice-ability of the defects. Yet in all fairness, it’s not as noticeable from other angles and in other light:

wolverine barely noticeableSame boots, different angle.

Overall the boots are stunners. Some of the softest and thickest leather you’ll find. Welted sole, comfortable (if you size down half to a full size), and most of the 1K collection is made in the USA. That defect on this pair also happens to be right where the leather will crease over time. So it might blend in. Or… that’s all just major rationalizing.

Pretty sure you guys are going to lean heavily in one direction on this one. But here’s the rundown:

Usually: $370
On Sierra Trading Post: $245
After code: $171


Would you keep or return this pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile Addisons?

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