Dappered Reader Appreciation Week 2013 – 8/12 – 8/16

The annual week long thank you starts Monday.

Photo Credit: Justin Cozart

Team Dappered is taking it slow over the next day or two while preparing for the start of our annual Reader Appreciation Week on Monday.

Why string together five big-time giveaways from Monday through Friday next week? You mean other than the bit of time off it provides those of us on this side of the computer screen?

Kidding. Well, sort of. The main reason is that we’d send each of you a hand written thank you note if we could. But asking for your addresses would just be creepy, and we’re guessing that the vast majority of you would prefer a shot at some Swiss Made gears and springs, cut and sewn cordovan, something with a century long guarantee, and… well, just come back next Monday through Friday to see what you could win.

We tell brands & retailers big and small that Dappered has the best readership on the web. You guys are just different. In a good way. Not in a one-of-a-kind-shirt sort of way.

Thanks for all the emails, all the comments, and for giving us a shot when you stumbled across these parts for the first time. Also, thanks to all of you who passed along the name of this tiny corner of the web to a friend. Word of mouth in the internet age? Who knew.

Look, in the department store of life, we’re screwing around in the toy aisle. So honestly guys, thanks for being something the small team here at Dappered can truly be proud of.

“What do you do?”
“I write about pants.”
“But the people are the best.”