40% Off BR & Gap, 30% Off Old Navy Fall Preview

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FALLFIX = 40% off at Banana Republic + GAP. 30% off at O.N.

Been awhile since GAP inc. ran a tri-platform code. The usual exclusions are alive and well with this FALLFIX discount, so it’s a no go for suit jackets or blazers. Damn.

Update: Well, it looks like it works on full priced blazers. Strange. That seems like a glitch. Or, they just didn’t change the fine print on this code for this run.

But the good news is, 40% off is a very nice number for B.R. and GAP (usually when they do these all-Gap-brands sales, they limit it to 30% off). As always, you can combine items from all three stores to get free shipping at $50. And that free shipping kicks in BEFORE you apply the code. So if your purchase was just over $50, you apply the code and it drops under? You still get the free shipping.

All of the picks below are fall appropriate, even if they’re hanging out in the sale section because they’re from the summer collection. The code FALLFIX expires today, 8/19/13.


B.R. Owen Oxford – $84.00 ($140)

BR Suedes

Well worth it at $84. Got a pair in blue last year and they’re holding up extremely well. Almost twice as much as the suede lace-ups JCP sells, but the construction and comfort on these is noticeably better. Plus, you don’t have to deal with a neon sole. Also available in a hugely versatile grey as well as a darker olive. More on these over here. Ships free. Well reviewed online.


B.R. Phillip Suede Chukka – $94.80 ($158)

BR Suede Chukkas

“Phillip” is apparently BananaRepublicanese for “Chukka Owen”. Might want to consider Clarks. No grey shade available on these, sadly, but there is a brown and olive.


B.R. Olive Suede Belt – $35.70 ($59.50)

BR Suede Belt

Not a bad way to mix it up around your waist once fall rolls around. Don’t worry about matching it to olive suede shoes. Suede with suede can look a little too “matchy-matchy“. Just wear it with whatever. Ships free.


Aiden Slim Fit Chino – $35.60 ($59.50)

BR Slim chinos

Anyone catch these in store? They’re a new arrival/design, and we haven’t gotten our mitts on them yet. Lots of colors, reasonably priced, and that burnt orange looks especially appealing for the cooler temps. Some reviewers are complaining about a large logo tag being sewn to the back? Doesn’t appear that way online, but that’s probably a new addition. Got a pair on the way for an in person.


Slim-Fit Bold Plaid Oxford – $41.70 ($69.50)

BR Bold plaid ox

The really slim guys won’t find the slim-fit of BR to be all that slim. Might want to try sizing down. Big fan of the big and bold pattern on this one, and the construction of BR’s shirts are worth the extra cost for some of us. The collars on the button downs are nice and substantial, and the plackets/cuffs/seams are well put together. Layer it with a chino sportcoat, and jeans.


B.R. Soft Wash Slim Fit Twill Shirt in White – $17.99 ($59.50)

BR Soft wash white shirt

Speaking of these shirts… the solid white is on sale in the twill fabric, and now cheap enough that you could feel fine about spending the extra cash on getting it dialed in by your tailor. Or, just use it for layering and you should be set. Sizes M, L, and XL available at post time.


B.R. Quilted Vest w/ Baseball style collar – $78.00 ($130)

BR Quilted vest

Nice lookin’ vest. Might want to go with the J. Crew Factory version though the next time they have an extra 30% or 40% off sale code.


B.R. Silk Cotton Cashmere Crew – $26.99 ($69.50)

BR silk crew

A really good basic for fall. Cut from their super-smooth, thin-but-strong, mainly silk blend, this is the crew neck version of the v-necks many of us swear by. A little more casual with the crew, but you’ll find yourself throwing it over a t-shirt a lot between September and April. Already on sale so now extra cheap. Only sizes M and L available at post time.


Heritage Madras Linen Blazer – $169.99 ($325)

BR Madras Blazer

The code doesn’t work on blazers, so no extra discount here, but it’s heavily marked down and lurking in the sale section. $170 is still steep for a BR blazer, but this one excels in one area where most don’t: It’s only partially lined. Yep there’s no beastly poly lining on this thing, so your back can breathe. And the fabric is awfully nice. Even though it’s all linen, this could be a year round blazer. Like a darker, quieter, washed version of the LEC Madras blazer from last year. Sizes 40 and up available at post time.


B.R. Preston Suede Penny Loafer in Olive – $49.79 ($118)

BR Suede Driver

Just a basic suede penny-strap driver… for under $50. Ships free too. Huzzah.


Holden Single Monk – $81.25 ($140)

Entry level single monks that you can afford to beat up a bit. Also available in black. The new double monk strap from BR is excluded from the code since it’s currently labeled as a “BR Pick”…


GAP 60% Cotton / 40% Nylon Navy Double Button Trench – $70.80 ($118)

GAP Navy Trench

Hooolllllld on a second. We might have a real winner here. The 60% cotton 40% nylon blend is something that Banana Republic has used in their trenches in the past with great success. It gives the cloth some structure, and it also makes it water resistant. No epaulets on this one, but it does have the traditional buttons at the cuffs. Perfect looking length. Not available in stores. Just online. Ships free.


GAP Straight Fit Lived in Khakis – $23.99 – $39.97 ($59.95)

GAP Straight Fit Lived in

Perfect for those of us with more meat on our legs, and don’t like the tube-sock feel some slim fit tapered pants can deliver. The brighter colors are already on sale, and the more subdued stuff clocks in at just under $40 with the code.


GAP Colorblock Merino Crewneck Sweaters – $32.97 ($54.50)

GAP colorblock merino

First featured over in the Fall Temptation post. Another way to step it up when you’re not punched in at work. Relaxed but not sleepy. Skip the hoodie and wear this. 100% Merino wool, but don’t expect it to be the thickest thing.


GAP Striped Web Belt – $11.97 ($19.99)

GAP Belts

A winterized scout-buckle version of the web belts of summer. Big fan of that navy and green striped version. Good for tipping a free shipping balance if you’re short of the $50 threshold.


1969 Slim Fit denim washed fine-wale pant – $35.70 ($59.50)

GAP 5 pocket thin wale

Okay tapered leg fans. You’re up. GAP’s newest 5-pocket pant in some saturated but washed autumn ready colors. Could be a major winner, especially in that “cool lake blue” on the left.


GAP Modern Oxford Shirt – $29.97 ($49.95)

GAP modern ox

Even though they cost a bit more, some guys prefer these over the OCBDs from UNIQLO or jcp. Tons of colors/patterns to choose from.


GAP 1969 5-Pocket Cord in Straight Fit – $35.97 ($59.50)

Gap 5 pocket cord straight fit

A wider wale than the slim-fit 1969 option up above. 8 color options available.


Old Navy Sneakers – $17.46 ($24.94) | Desert Boots – $27.96 ($39.94)

Old Navy Kicks

Old Navy does desert boots? The one review is surprisingly positive. Liking the contrast between the sole, upper, and laces on those sneakers. Under $30 for a desert boot, and under $20 for a plimsoll = temper those expectations.

The 40% off Banana Republic & Gap, and 30% off Old Navy code FALLFIX ends today, 8/19/13.