Would you wear it? – Lunargrands / Emboldens

Part wingtip, part windmill dunk.

Above: Skechers Embolden – $69.95$89.00

NOTE: The very similar Skechers “Embolden” are pictured here. The more expensive Cole Haan Lunargrand usually runs between $169 when on sale, to $248 full retail.

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“What are those, space shoes?”

My very first thought when I first saw a pair of Lunargrands online. Half wingtip, half…marshmallowy looking sole. The shoe design clearly threw me off and I never thought I’d own a pair of them.

Wrong yet again.

My initial impression was based solely off the image of the shoe online. Seeing them in person, like always, is a bit of a different experience. I came across a pair of dark brown lunargrands with a bright white sole while browsing through Nordstrom Rack. My whole demeanor….changed. They looked real easy to dress up in a playful kinda way, and could look extremely casual with some jeans. Plus that color was perfect for all occasions.

With Summer StyleA little different, but not all that crazy.

Then I put these bad boys on. Good God, these are some comfortable shoes and are easily the most comfortable I own. There’s a ton of padding in the soles at different heights which more than likely explains the thick, ridged, marshmallowy sole. Thought it was weird at first since the heel has a more elevated cushion then the sides and front but that feeling went away fairly quick. I have yet to put these shoes through the ultimate comfort test which is wearing them to Disneyland. Any shoe that can withstand that should get some sort of Nobel prize.

Now, in terms of price I was expecting $150-250 which is what I remember seeing from Cole Haan online. I didn’t want to spend that much initially, but after wearing the shoes, I was easily convinced and was willing to fork out the extra cash.

I looked at the price tag. These were only $69.99.

WYWI Lunargrand soleThe very squishy, very similar to the Lunargrand, sole of the Skechers Embolden

I had to check the tag three times and ask a sales clerk just to be sure. How could this new line of Cole Haans be only $69.99? Oh, because they’re not Cole Haans. This make is actually from a collaboration of Skechers and Mark Nason. I didn’t know who Mark Nason was (looks like they make a lot of cowboyish apparel), but I’m grateful this collaboration happened and a huge kudos to Skechers for making such a great product.

They are a near identical match to the original so you’re getting a great value with essentially the same level of comfort. The shoes do run a bit large , so you’ll definitely want to size down by half a size. The fabric around the ankle is also flimsier than I expected it to be and though it may not be an issue now, if any part were to rip, it would be that. These shoes are also more expensive on the Skechers site ($79.00-$89.00) so definitely check Nordstrom Rack first.

Of course, if you absolutely need to get the official name brand product, there are some discounted Lunargrands on the Cole Haan official site. Cheapest those are going for right now are $169.95 (but limited styles/colors), and CH is currently running an extra 25% off sale items code: 25SALE. (Thanks for the tip Joe!)

So would you? What do you think of the Lunargrands? Too different?  Or would you be fine wearing the Skechers-Nason collaboration for a shoe this odd?