Win it: Bespoke Post’s “Sweat” Box

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Bespoke Post June 2013: “Sweat” – $45.00 (Sold out)

For $45 per box, Bespoke Post will deliver to your door a “box of awesome” once a month. Inside you’ll find hand selected items curated for a guy like you. You can skip any box you want or cancel at any time.  Click here for more.

Blue Claw Co. and Bespoke Post sure have a nice thing going, don’t they?

First it was a Made in the USA dopp kit stuffed with dopp kit stuffables. Now it’s a solid, basic gym bag with a couple extras inside. Once again worthwhile extras, and once again the Made in the USA Bag is worth the $45 itself. Keep it up fellas (and ladies).

Bespoke Sweat Bag Size PerspectiveNot tiny, but not a gargantuan hockey bag either. 22″ long is a nice in between size.
Sorry, gear is just for size perspective. You’ll have to buy your own.

It’s basic, but the duffel is the right sizes for hitting the gym or heading to the beach for a quick weekend trip.  2425.5 cubic inches (22″ x 10.5″ x 10.5″) is enough for an extra pair of shoes and some gear. It’s not some hockey/soccer bag the size of a German Shepherd, and it’s no tiny bag that an heiress would put her Chihuahua in either. It’s somewhere in the middle.

It’s a lighter weight canvas, but it has that familiar Blue Claw Co. strong construction feel to it. It’s a classic barrel shape in blue, with brown web handles, and a nifty plaid cotton liner. And, hate to say it since there are plenty of anti-logo-heads out there, but the small, stark logo patch on one end is a nice touch. Especially with the U.S. flag making an appearance below the Blue Claw Co. crab.

Blue Claw LabelMade in the USA, and still nicely affordable.

You get two extras with this box. The first is a one-pound bag of protein powder. Since someone is winning the box that’s being reviewed, we’ll leave this bag untouched, but 2 scoops gets you 50g of protein at 210 calories. The other extra is American Crew’s “Forming Cream” hair product. And I can actually speak on this stuff, because it used to be my go-to for years. It’s a terrific, basic, hair product that is neither a watery gel nor a tough clay. Medium hold, lower shine, and it smells pretty good too.

Enter here to win this “Sweat” Box from Bespoke Post. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 7/19/13.

UPDATE: Congrats to Steven M. who won this “Sweat” box of awesome from Bespoke Post.

The sweat box