J. Crew Extra 40% off Sale Items One Day Sale – The Picks

Not 30%, 40%. And just today.

WEDNESDAY = Extra 40% off Sale Items at J. Crew (exp 7/10)

J. Crew will run an extra 30% off sale items code every few weeks, and it’s a great time for those of us on a J. Crew Factory budget to jump up and snag something from the top line. This time around, it’s an extra 40% off with the code WEDNESDAY, but just for one day. Watch out for final sale items since you can’t return those. Picks are limited to items with at least a decent size selection at post time. But things can go quick.


Italian Chino Ludlow Center Vent Suit Jacket + Pant = $267.60 ($456)

Ludlow Chino

That’ll do nicely. Being that the fine striped cotton is on its way back, might be time to consider this one. Word is (thanks to you guys in the comments) that the fabric is a bit on the heavier side, but much softer. Bemberg lining, great construction, etc… You’ll have to scroll down a bit for the pant. And these certainly don’t appear to be “final” sale. Despite all the graphics saying “extra 40% off final sale” items, the code seems to work on regular sale stuff too.


Oxford Cloth Sportcoat – $136.80 ($248)

Derby color and weight with woodsy inspiration.

Kentucky Derby meets the woods. Made from Italian Oxford cloth, but takes plenty of details from sporting/hunting style jackets.  2/3 roll closure, patch pockets, and slightly wider lapels than their standard Ludlow.  Unconstructed.  Fabric is woven in Italy. Careful with these, since the fits aren’t as exact as the 36, 38, 40, 42 sized blazers and suit jackets.


MacAllister Brickman Boots – $88.80 ($158)

Made in Italy.

Stitched out welt, Italian suede uppers, and a red brick rubber sole. Simple but all kinds of right.


Made in Italy Striped Cotton Knit Tie or Pindot Cotton Knit Tie – $35.70 ($69.50)

Italian Ties

Of course there are cheaper alternatives, but $35 for a well made tie doesn’t seem too off base. Perfect for that upcoming summer wedding, or, injecting some warmer weather style into your look once fall rolls around. Striped tie is 2.5″ wide, and the dotted tie is 2″ wide. Both made in Italy.


Cashmere Crewneck Sweater – $89.99 ($225)

Cashmere Sweater

FINAL SALE. So, no returns. But that’s actually not too weird of a color. Usually J. Crew’s cashmere sweaters have to be of the Rainbow-Brite collection to end up in the sale section


Harness Buckle Embossed Edge Belt – $34.80 ($68)

Harness Belt

A buckle that’s just different enough. Made in the USA.


Indian Cotton Shirt in Regular or Slim – $39.00 ($65)

Indian cotton plaid

Not a bad looking Madras-like shirt. Button down, chambray lined inner collar, and available in slim or regular.


Broken in Pocket Tees in Regular or Slim – $13.50 ($24.50)

Pocket Tees

Sizes and color selection are a bit all over the place, but not a bad free shipping balance tipper if you end up close to the $175 threshold. Which, is a lot.


Ludlow Irish Linen Suit Jacket + Pant – $389.80 ($456)

Linen Suits

Damn. The jackets aren’t in the sale section (yet?)… but the pants are. And with the 40% off the pants, the entire suit now dips under $400. Ships free. These are incredible. Will need a bit of tailoring at the sides for most, but the fabric and construction is outstanding. Worth it under $400? Depends on your budget and how much you’re going to wear it. The jacket, especially in indigo, goes fantastic with jeans. For price comparison sake, if (and it’s a big if) the jackets ever end up in the sale section, the entire suit would dip to the low $300s with an extra 30% off code.

The extra 40% off sale items code WEDNESDAY expires today, 7/10/13. Also, it looks like they’ve gone back to $8.95 flat rate shipping. That $5.00 lower rate was sure nice while it lasted.