Fall Temptation: 12 New Arrivals to keep an eye on

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What are we, Kmart? Throwing Christmas displays up before the first piece of Halloween Candy has gone in one end and out the other? But it’s been a particularly long hot summer already, and anticipation can sometimes be the driver for digging up some laughs in the present. That, and the friggin’ Hall of Fame Game is this weekend.

CANTON! Prepare thy gigantic orange juicer. It’s game time.

Meanwhile, you might want to prepare for some sticker shock. Prices are always higher heading into a season as opposed to when we’re on the way out (there are exceptions). But most of these are going to get a cut at some point. Here’s to speeding through the next month or so and getting to the best season of them all.


Suitsupply Super 120s Lazio Fit – $469.00

Suitsupply super 120s

Super 120s is getting into that “this is noticeably softer” range. Remember, the higher the number, the finer and softer the fibers, but at some point it gets so fine and soft that it become damageable. 120 is darn near perfect for wearing often. Has a bit of a marled look to it, so it’ll look a little like a tweed, without the scratchy bulk. Made in their Lazio fit, which fits trimmer than the Napoli.


Zara Suede Double Monk Straps or Cap Toes – $99.90

Zara Suedes

After the stunning success of their Spanish made, tan, suede single-monks, Zara is now fully on the shoe-radar. Both of these shoes aren’t going to bat first, second, third, or cleanup in your rotation… but that’s fine since they’re so inexpensive. And they should get more inexpensive with sales. No word on where they’re made or construction quality.


Brooks Brothers Striped Ribbon Belts – $48.00

BB Ribbon belt

Who says the striped fabric belt should be limited to summer only? Key is to retire the brightly colored versions you’ve had wrapped around your shorts, and instead trade them in for something that’s more toned down like these. This is Brooks Brothers, so it might pay off to hang out for a site wide code, or an extra % off accessories code or something.


Boden Quilted Wool Blend Jacket – $178.20

Boden Quilted Jacket

British retailer Boden continues to be sneaky good in the ways of casual outerwear. A bit on the spendy side, but if the nylon version of this from last year is any indication, then it’s going to be one hell of a jacket. Boden is definitely a step up on the quality side of things, and while much of their stuff is “imported”, they don’t cut corners on craftsmanship. 80% wool herringbone exterior, nicely lined, and a corduroy collar. Simple in look + design but has just enough extras. They also seem to run 10% and up off codes/promos quite often. So, might be worth getting on their email list.


Allen Edmonds “Promontory Point” Football Leather Boots – $350

AE football leather boots

Whoa. Well they ain’t cheap, that’s for sure. But whoa. Maybe they’ll be just different enough that they’ll hit clearance at some point? Meanwhile, they’re now making the Dalton in the “bourbon” shade. And those Red Wing Beckman boots are still on sale for $199 during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. … C’mon JC Penney… could use some new Stafford boots to save the ol’ checking account from self destructing. Boots aren’t your thing? Allen Edmonds just released a new wholecut.


form•function•form’s new leather colors

FFF new colors

Pretty sure this website crossed over into (slightly) annoying FFF fanboy territory a while ago, but the small  USA made leather goods maker just got their hands on quite a number of new shades of leather. And they’re something else. Especially the deep burgundy #8 chromexcel when made into the the architect’s wallet. (Finally took the leap. Couldn’t be happier.)


More Claiborne Slim Suit Separates: Like this Charcoal – $179.99

Claiborne Slim charcoal suit

First it was the smooth navy cotton suit. Then it was the dirt-cheap khaki cotton suit. Now, we move on to winter with wool and dark shades like charcoal. These wool suit separates are new, in a fall ready dark charcoal, and here’s to hoping they fit as extremely well off the rack as the previous cotton suits. Claiborne, along with the more casual “jcp” brand are going to be the canary in the style coal mine at JC Penney. It’s those two brands that’ll tell us just how long the stylistic tail of Wooster really reaches.


J. Crew Factory Quilted Layering Vest – $44.50 ($74.50)

Factory Vests

Hey kid, what’d you do… jump ship? Aw. Remember layering? Prost to slim vests as outerwear.


American Eagle Barn Jacket –  $99.95

AE barn jacket

No, it’s not a store most of us spend a lot of time in (or even feel all that comfortable going in, if you’ve got a diploma or two already), but they can make some real winners every once in awhile. You just have to play the “where’s the logo?!?” game. Doesn’t look like there’s a visible one on the exterior of this jacket, and the tri-color thing it has going on (top, bottom, interior) is a nice touch.


jcp Stafford Blazers – $200 – $300 (full retail)

jcp fall blazers

These haven’t come out quite yet (jcp PR page said October for their release) unless someone has seen them jump the gun in store somewhere? High full-retail price, but we’re now back to the coupon game. At half off, would you consider either? Here’s to hoping they don’t have crazy high arm holes or thick shoulder pads, which was the bane of the Stafford blazer line’s existence last year.


GAP Colorblock Merino Crewneck Sweaters – $35.72 w/ GAPWOW

GAP colorblock merino

Colorblocking isn’t just for the ladies. Another way to step up your style when you’re off the clock. Laid back, but not boring. Does the color block thing without getting obnoxious. Skip the hoodie and wear this.


“The Monuments Men” Starring Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, & Clooney (12/18)


An action thriller based on a book about a “World War II platoon, tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners.” Co-written, produced, and directed by George Clooney. Also stars , Bill Murray, John Goodman, and Jean Dujardin. Release date is December 18th. Looking forward to seeing some trailers for this one. Pic on the left from over here.


BONUS: In case you win the lottery… Billy Reid Bond Peacoat – $695.00

Bond peacoat

Back in stock for the first time in something like six months. And if six months ago you started setting aside $115.83 each time you turned a page on the calendar, well… now you’ve got enough to pick one up. Made in Italy. Natural horn buttons. Has all them hidden leather trim do-dads. Bond approved.

Are you done with summer and got an eye on fall? What’s at the top of your list? Already pick up something fall-ready that you’re happy with? Leave it all in the comments. May this season of sweat come to a speedy conclusion. Top Photo Credit: Cory Doctorow