Bonobos Extra 30% off Sale Items – The Picks

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HEATWAVE30 = Extra 30% off Sale items at Bonobos

Usually Bonobos will only run an extra 20%, maybe 25% off sale items code. And when they do, usually the selection can be pretty picked over. Not so this time.

An extra 30% off, plenty to dig around and look at (use that sizing filter at the top of the page), and some bigger ticket items like summer suits dropping into the affordable range. Hot dog. Only items with a decent size selection at post time are shown below, unless noted. Code HEATWAVE30 expires on Thursday 7/25, and maybe they’ll throw some new items in the sale section a little later on in the week? Who knows.


Fairfax Khaki Cotton Twill Suit Jacket + Pants – $193.20 ($425)

bonobos khaki cotton suit

That’s… a pretty screamin’ deal on a cotton Bonobos suit. Sure, it’s late July already, but if this heatwave keeps up, you’ll be good wearing this clear through September. Forget the calendar. If it feels like summer, a summer suit is fine. Not the closest fit in the jacket, so the slim guys are going to need their tailor to do some work on it.


Fairfax Grey Cotton Twill Suit Jacket + Pants – $193.20 ($425)

bonobos grey cotton suit

All sizes available in the jacket and pant at post time too. Straight leg fit on the pant. Suit jacket might need to be nipped at the waist for some. Since it’s cotton, and darker in color, it certainly falls into that “Immagonnawearasuitforthehelluvit” wheelhouse. Like, out for a Wednesday night happy hour or something.


All White Beauregard Seersucker Jacket + Pant – $186.90 ($416)

Bonobos white seersucker suit

Proof that heat makes you crazy. All white. Not even any of the light blue or grey pinstripes you usually get with seersucker. But the last few weeks have been in the triple digits for many of us, and there’s an upcoming trip to a high-humidity area lingering… HOLD ME BACK… HOOOOOOOLD ME BACK!


“Oxleys” Oxford Pants in Mint or Bright Blue – $33.60 ($98)

Bonobos Oxford pants

Not gonna get better than that when it comes to price. For when you want to wear shorts, but can’t. These are as close as it gets. Oxford cloth fabric in the shade of the season (mint) and a nice brighter blue. Pair either with a white or navy polo and your favorite loafers or sneakers. Each is also available in their slimmer cut here and here. Tons of sizes in mint, plenty of sizes in blue.


Picklebacks Washed Chinos – $33.60 ($88)

Bonobos greens

A more aggressive green in their standard washed chino fabric. Still plenty versatile. More so than red pants.


Belmont Sky Blue Pique Polo – $33.60 ($55)

bonobos sky blue polo

Still expensive for a polo, but it ships free and fast and returns are easy. Thanks Ninjas. Perfect shade. Pique fabric though, so, know that if you’re more of the jersey polo type. Has some striped taping on the placket.


Jack Spade Brown Leather Document Brief – $194.60 ($395)

Jack Spade Leather Brief

Dead simple design with a pretty darn handsome shade of leather. Sorta unisex looking with those handles, but at 16″ wide and nice and trim in width, it shouldn’t be too pursey. Sub $200 for an all leather brief is pretty solid.


“Venetian” Linen/Silk Polka Dot Necktie – $33.60 ($68) or Bow Tie – $26.60 ($58)

Venetian ties

Made in the USA, both 2.75″ wide, and both 60% linen and 40% silk.


Sebago Wide Spinnaker – $54.60 ($100)

Sebago Wide Spinnaker

Now almost half off. These come in wide sizes, so if you are of narrow feet, forget it. But, if you’re a bordeline wide, try sizing down and you might get lucky here.

The extra 30% off sale items code HEATWAVE30 expires on Thursday, 7/25/13.