Zara + Massimo Dutti Summer Sale – Quick Picks

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ZARA and Massimo Dutti Summer Sale

Zara is to GAP as Massimo Dutti is to Banana Republic. Kinda. In Spain. Okay, and all across Europe plus a good swath of Asia as well. But they’re just really starting to gain momentum here in the states. Zara has 44 stores in the U.S. Among their over 1700 worldwide locations, there are 127 Zara stores in France, 42 in South Korea, and 39 in Brazil. So while their reach is global, they’re not obsessing over the US market.

A couple of things to consider:

  • The cuts are very European in style. Jackets are short, and slim fits a real trim. Like, consider sizing up for once.
  • Quality is… so-so. This stuff isn’t Bullet Proof, but the Massimo Dutti selections are a step up from the sometimes “mneh” feel of Zara garments. But know that people have had mixed results with how the goods hold up.
  • Shipping is free both ways. Yes indeed. Free returns. They’re trying to get US customers to give them a shot.
  • The online shopping experience is a little clunky. Their sites feel like a translated version of their Spanish sites, so expect some lost in translation moments.

UPDATE: This was published late yesterday (6/26) and prices on many of these items dropped over night. Those have been updated, but know that sizing also got scarce on plenty of items, mainly the blazers. 

Zara Suede Single Monk Strap – $59.99 ($99.90)

Zara Sudede Monks

Sixty? To wear with jeans or darker trousers this summer? Uh, sure. Might take these for an in person spin. See how long they hold up.


Zara Brown Cotton Gingham Blazer – $69.99 ($99.00)

Cotton check blazer

Sorta like this one from J. Crew, only massively cheaper, and in a less table-cloth like brown gingham. Take a look at the sleeve buttons though, there’s a contrasting one in there thrown in for flair.


Zara Double Breasted 50% Linen / 50% Cotton  Blazer – $79.00 ($189.00)

DB Linen Blazer

BUDGET DANDY. No, seriously. If you’re not a beginner, and you’re not a total minimalist… maybe this with some jeans? You’d either look really good, or really… clownish. Nice looking 50/50 fabric blend, and it doesn’t look like it has much of a lining to it at all. Once you get to the product page, you can scroll down for further shots.


M.D. Nubuck Longwing – $99.90 ($175)

MD Nubuck Longwing

Not bad for just over a hundred bucks. Looks a touch like Florsheim’s Veblen. But don’t expect the Veblen’s build feel. The color is labeled “Green” but it looks like its got brown tones in there, so it’s not full Kermit the Frog.


M.D. Cotton/Linen Bomber – $89.90 ($145)

Cotton Linen Bomber

Woulda been nice if they could have shown how long the jacket actually is (it looks folded/smushed up around the models waist?)


Leather “Briefcase” – $99.00 ($169)

Zara Doc Case

Less of a briefcase and more of a portfolio/document brief. A pretty specific piece with limited use. Also, anyone else got concerns about how this thing stays closed? Risky at best.


M.D. Tasseled Moc – $119.00 ($198)

MD Tassel

One of the more conservative looks on the Massimo Dutti site. The vamp is neither short nor long, and the apron toe stitching doesn’t look too bulky. A risk.


M.D. Suede Ankle Boot in Navy or Tan – $94.90 ($175)

MD Suede Boots

Cheap suede always trumps cheap leather. Nice looking shape to these two boots. Slightly different in style and stitching, but each have potential.


Zara 70% Wool / 30% Mohair Houndstooth Blazer – $79.00 ($229)

Zara Houndstooth Blazer

One of the least risky-looking pieces in the sale. Button stance is right in the middle, and the tail doesn’t look too chopped in the pics. Lapels aren’t too skinny either. Felt under collar. Nice fabric composition for the exterior.


Zara Suede Tassel Moc – $49.99 ($89.90)

Zara Loafer

For the tassel curious who want to give a pair a shot, but don’t want to spend much to do so. Try them whenever you’d wear boat shoes.


M.D. 60% Wool / 30% Cotton Needlecord Blazer – $179.00 ($265)

MD Needlecord Blazer

With Banana Republic blazers being exempt from almost all discounting lately, is now the time to give Massimo Dutti’s sportcoats a try? Patch pockets with one slash ticket pocket. Looks awfully good… but about that length?


M.D. Long Sleeve Cotton Polo – $29.90 ($69.90)

MD long sleeve polo

Not everyone has a place in their wardrobe for a long sleeve polo. And that’s understandable. Most of them are bulky pique polos, that feel sweater heavy. Not sure on this one, but it looks a bit sleeker and smoother. Potential, but in case it’s a mess, there’s that free returns option.


Zara Office Brief – $79.99 ($129)

Zarah Brief

Looks great! … From here. Not leather. Polyurethane. Hm.

Your turn guys. Gotta lean on you for in depth experience with Zara and Massimo Dutti stuff. Is it worth it? With reasonable careful care, will these things last? And what about fits? Pretty trim right? Leave it all below.